Sunday, 25 October 2015

Behind-the-scenes secrets from Coronation Street extras

Corrie extras: Joel David and Maureen Seaberg
Joel David and Maureen Seaberg have been extras in Coronation Street for 40 years. As part of the Corrie live episode last month, they were interviewed on Good Morning Britain live from the set of Coronation Street.

You can now watch their interview via the wonders of YouTube, below.  The interview includes some filming from behind-the-scenes at Corrie and Maureen and Joel reveal the secrets of being a good extra on the set: "Quiet shoes!" says Maureen.

Read all about David and Maureen at Christine Warren's Corrie Fun Pages website. Christine has interviews on her site with all of the extras - see them here.

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Unknown said...

I and many of my friends really enjoyed this interview we can't understand why they have never been properly featured they could easily be the new STAN and HILDA.

Unknown said...

I have been living in the USA for many years and have kept up to date via Canadian t.v. I have seen these two many times and read an on line interview with them on a Canadian website so I was elated when they were featured on Good Morning Britain Breakfast Show. I thought they were so engaging and delightful, clever and witty, I never saw Stan &Hilda but these two would bring some badly needed humor, another Jack and Vera maybe, lets see more of them.

Unknown said...

Not sure how to comment yet as log in is playing up. I have followed Joel David on youtube for some time now and I am an avid admirer of his music and albums indeed some of his records are played on Coronation Street in the Rovers and the cafe. For any of your readers who have never heard his wonderful voice try.. Martin.

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