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Saturday 31 October 2015

Coronation Street Halloween Howlers

As it’s that time of year for ghoulish goings-on and supernatural stories, I thought I’d take a little look back at some of my favourite spooky Corrie stories.  Please feel free to add your own favourites in the comments box.
Anne Malone dies in the freezer at Frescho
Has there been a more grisly death on Corrie? Freshco manageress Anne Malone was locked in the supermarket walk-in freezer whilst she was attempting to implicate fellow manager Curly Watts in a blackmail plot against Freshco. She froze to death but Curly's name was cleared. 

It started with a knocking and things falling off the wall in the back room at the Kabin. Terrified Norris was sure it was spirits from beyond and demanded a seance to exorcise the demon.  Along with Rita, Betty and Blanche, the foursome had a seance in the back room but it wasn't a demon that was causing the problems, it was dampness.

Mind you, it wasn't the first time that Corrie had held a seance. Here's Hilda having one too

The ghost of Vera Duckworth
This ghostly apparation wasn't spooky at all, it was probably the loveliest spirit on the Street. Liz Dawn had left Coronation Street but reappeared as the ghost of Vera when on-screen husband Jack Duckworth passed away. 
The ghost of Ivy Tilsley
As if having her alive wasn’t bad enough, the mother-in-law from hell came back to haunt the Street.  A vicar came onto the cobbles to exorcise the ghost of Ivy Tilsley from the Street (remember the Omnibus Trolleybus incantation?) after Sarah Platt claimed she saw nanna Ivy looking down to her on the cobbles from the upstairs window of her old house.

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Llifon said...

Didn't Betty see Martha's ghost in 1975? How did she know if it was her if she wasn't on the Street in 1964?

Cobblestone said...

Wasn't there a seance at No 13 years earlier? I seem to remember Hilda going into a trance and then collapsing?

Anonymous said...

I think Sarah and Jason's second attempt to get married was on Halloween[ which was a recipe for disaster'] but was overshadowed by David's suicide attempt driving in the canal.After having a tantrum because HER wedding was ruined due to cocern over David,I recall Sarah assaulting a poor innocent trick or treater because she thought he was David returning home.

Anonymous said...

I have only a dim recollection that I did see the seance scenes, but Anne Malone's lonely and frightening slow death I certainly do remember!
It was indeed uncharacteristically creepy for Corrie and I thought of it on and off for, well, days.

Vera's ghost, for all the idea was publicly criticized at the time, was poignant and fitting; a case of you don't know what you're missing till it's not there anymore; lovely to feel the love for one another that they shared.

Cobblestone said...

Glad to note, in the interests of continuity, that for all Norris' pooh-poohing of The Inexplicable, he did exempt ghost-sightings, which he's on record as believing in. Hope the other writers remember that over the next few weeks when Mary & Brendan go ghost-hunting.

Anonymous said...

Although a creepy death, it's worth noting that Anne Malone appears to be sitting in a Zen-like meditation position at the end.

Anonymous said...

Anne Malone's assassination started weeks earlier when they changed her from an up-and-coming business woman to the usual insane, or unhinged lady that could have succeeded. If a gal looks like they're going to make it above and beyond somebody like Curly... Well yeah she had to go as she was too good. A strong successful woman is not the Corrie way.

Anonymous said...

I would say that Rita is a "strong successful (business) woman, and Carla is a strong business woman. She has her weaknesses, but living with the guilt of apparently being responsible for killing your neighbours makes for a good story line and would be a challenge to one's strength of character as well.
I would call Liz too a "strong successful" business woman, also Audrey.
None of them are what you might call "suits" but they are all successful in their own businesses.

MartesBC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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