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Monday, 19 October 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 19 Oct

Monday 19th October
THE PLATTS FACE A STARK WARNING Callum’s mother Marion calls at No.8 wanting answers about Callum’s whereabouts. Kylie and Sarah conceal their guilt whilst David launches an attack on Marion and calling her son a drug-dealing thug, he throws her out. Kylie and Sarah are shocked. Meanwhile when Billy asks after Sarah, David realises with horror that Sarah’s been discussing her problems with the local vicar. Dragging Sarah into the Rovers back yard, David berates her for blabbing to Billy and tells her that if she blabs again, he and Kylie will tell the police that she killed Callum and forced them to cover for her.  Sarah reels.
JOHNNY’S NOT HAPPY TO BE KEPT IN THE DARK Aidan arranges a meeting with a prospective client. Johnny’s annoyed to discover it’s Matthew Singh, an old friend of his and resolves to beat Aidan to it. Johnny arrives in the bistro and is taken aback to find that Matthew, is the son of the Matthew Singh he knew and that he’s taken over his father’s business. Matthew demands to see the factory’s forecast figures and Johnny realises he’s out of his depth. Kate admits to Aidan that Johnny tried to scupper his meeting, only to find that he’s dealing with Matthew’s son and needs Aidan’s help. Will Aidan agree?
ALYA CAN’T HANDLE THE WEDDING PRESSURE Determined to put her guilty thoughts behind her, Alya tells Gary she wants them to get married at Christmas. Gary’s thrilled.
ELSEWHERE Maria and Kirk are shocked when they hear their mother has broken her hip. Maria arranges to fly out to Cyprus immediately. Luke’s sympathetic and promises he’ll give up track racing.

Monday 19th October
DAVID WILL STOP AT NOTHING David persuades Sarah she’d be best to move back to Milan where she can put the whole Callum saga out of her mind and start afresh. Sarah hands her notice in at the pub telling Michelle she’s returning to Italy as soon as possible. When Sarah breaks the news to Bethany that they’re returning to Milan, Bethany’s upset and tells Sarah there’s no way she’s getting on the plane. When Bethany moans to David about Sarah’s idea of returning to Italy, David tells her it’s for their own safety as Callum has threatened to kill them both. Bethany’s scared witless whilst Kylie’s shocked by David’s vehemence.
CARLA SEES JOHNNY’S WORTH Aidan joins Matthew and Johnny in the bistro, will he manage to rescue the deal and secure a large order?
ALYA SEEKS SHARIF’S DISAPPROVAL Alya and Gary discuss their wedding plans with Yasmeen and Sharif.
ELSEWHERE Jamie calls in the garage and tells Luke he’s put him down to race on Saturday. Luke refuses, explaining he’s promised Maria he won’t race again. But Jamie tells Luke he needs cash from the race to clear his mounting debts. Luke’s aghast when Jamie shows him some old photos of a scantily clad Steph on his phone and threatens to make them public unless Luke cooperates!

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Pat said...

I am from Michigan, USA. Won't miss an episode. Love Coronation Street. I think Calum should have a "good" twin show up since the "evil" one is gone. At any rate, I will be tuned in for more drama.

Pat said...

I am from Michigan, USA. Won't miss an episode. Love Coronation Street. I think Calum should have a "good" twin show up since the "evil" one is gone. At any rate, I will be tuned in for more drama.

Zagg said...

Yay!There's the crazy David I've been missing. He's much more interesting when he's threatening!

Anonymous said...

Zagg,I wholeheartedly agree about David!I have no sympathy for Sarah who defied everyone's warnings about Callum and even had the gall to tell Kylie that she's a 'murderer'when she killed Callum who was attacking Sarah!

Humpty Dumpty said...

None of the characters deserve any sympathy. Now Billy's joined the long list of stupid people. True, he didn't talk to Sarah in a professional capacity but he told her their conversation was confidential. What does he do? He asks her brother (whom he has also barely spoken to before) how she is and says that she seemed a bit down. For all Billy knows, David could be completely in the dark about her problems. Billy's broken her confidence by virtually announcing he's been talking to her. Just a plot device for what came later. I'm not impressed with the return of evil David. He's bullying four distressed women. When Callum threatened him, David couldn't handle it. His family have been under attack for a long time. Why wait till now to go crazy?

Anonymous said...

Oh distressed women my eye! They deserve all they get. But I do agree, crazy David would've been so much better when Callum was still alive.

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