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Sunday 18 October 2015

First-look pics: Will Alya confess all to Gary?

Here are some preview pictures released by ITV from the episode of Coronation Street to be shown on Thursday 29 October 2015.

Her anxiety evident, Alya drags Gary into No. 6 and makes a confession to him! 

Well, there's only one confession I can think she'd be making that would warrant these advance pics being released - and that is of course her sleeping with Jason behind Gary's back and under his nose.

I think we have to assume, as I'm not completely 100% certain that we ever found out (did we? if we did please correct me) that Alya is not pregnant with Jason's baby.

And just because you can never have enough Gary Windass, here's another pic too.
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Anonymous said...

I seem to recall the pregnancy test at some point confirming Alya is not pregnant. But that could also have been wishful thinking on my part as I desperately want this story to end and this couple to split. They make no sense what so ever. However, I'm sure we'll been inflicted with more tears and pleas from Alya who jumped at Jason while Gary tried not to take advantage of her vulnerable state. This character started out with interest but now I'd be just as happy to see the back of Alya as soon as possible.

bbhilda said...

I am glad I am not the only one confused by this storyline. I thought she was pregnant, judging by her reaction after taking the pregnancy test. Then Sinead took the blame for putting it into the works rubbish bin, telling everyone it was hers, but was negative. But at no time was it indicated that the test really had been negative.

I really don't care whether she is or not though. I don't like her with Gary or Jason. I don't really care about that whole family if I'm honest.

Beth said...

I'd forgotten that she'd slept with Jason. I'd actually forgotten that she was with Gary in a relationship as there's no chemistry and there's hardly anyone on screen these days aside from the Platt's. This is such a rubbish story made up in haste on the back of a cornflake box just to give the other characters a bit of time out of the Platt Street Saga. In fact anything non Platt/ Callum related seems like that.
Just cannot wait for the end of the days of this disastrous Producer.

Pootle5 said...

In agreement with all above. I still don't know if she is pregnant or not - surely she'd start showing soon!
The Gary / Izzy split really angered me, after all the baby fuss (the now forgotten invisible baby) the split was too fast and clearly contrived to bring a Nazir in play with a well established character - and it hasn't worked, like Kal and Leanne didn't.
Alya is pointless - with all the new Connors in the factory, surely she is superfluous?
Having given the Nazirs enough time now, it's only Zeedan that, surprisingly, has grown in character and has potential to develop - the rest can go, asap.

Humpty Dumpty said...

One reason why Tim and Sally are so popular is that they bring some warm-hearted humour to the screen along with their domestic dramas. The Nazirs have no sense of humour whatsoever. They rarely genuinely smile. That doesn't make them bad people just totally boring. I also didn't believe that Alya would throw herself at Jason or that he would cheat with a mate's girlfriend. The viewers can only hold their breath for so long while the writers decide what to do with a character. Time's run out now and the Nazir family could all go and would hardly be missed.

Anonymous said...

I like the Nazir family apart from Alya - pairing her up with Gary really doesn't work - Yasmine in the community centre is great, Zeedan in the gym works well and both present another facet to the street and of course, Sharif holds the family together - Alya is pointless now, especially since the Connor clan have taken over the factory.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Gary's two timing face when he gets the news that Alya banged Jason! Serves him right after putting Izzy though all that baby nonsense and now he wants to play happy families with another woman? It's ridiculous of course. Nobody like Alya would give him a second glance..complete loser IMO. Agree the Nazir's should move away.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with these comments. I think Alya is one of the best characters in the show, I think all of the Nazirs would be in my top 20 favourites. Also I like Alya and Gary together even though he was OK with Izzy. Now that Alya has slept with Jason Gary will defo fine out and that might be bad if they split up. I kinda want Alya to be pregnant but only if they stay together. Corrie plz keep Alya and Gary together.

AlbertT said...

I'm pretty sure Alya told Sinead she wasn't pregnant. It was very low-key and slightly convoluted but I think she'd told Sinead she might be pregnant with Jason's child and was fretting about telling Gary, then next day Sinead asked if she'd told Gary, she said she hadn't but it didn't matter anymore because she wasn't pregnant anyway, or something along those lines.
At least that's what I think happened! The fact that nobody seems sure shows how little interest there is amongst the viewers for Alya. Which is a shame because she did start out with a lot of potential, but seems to have been blanded-out and made irrelevant by all her subsequent storylines.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,In the Nazirs' defense, I think the reason they're not smiling lately is they're still in mourning over Kal and reeling from the shock that Tracy who started the fire got away with it and is able to go on with her life.I find it odd though that none of the Websters especially Sophie aren't angry towards Tracy at all.
As for Alya's and Jason's one night stand,Eileen better not be holier than thou anddefend her son especially since she had affairs with two married men,Paul and Michael.

vintgal003 said...

I have warmed up to the Nazir family....and would like for Gary to get back together with Izzy...maybe then we would see more of their baby (which seems to have exited stage right.......!)


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