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Wednesday 28 October 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 28 October

Wednesday 28th October
TYRONE REACHES THE END OF THE ROAD When Tyrone presents Hope with a lovely new doll, Fiz is concerned that they’re spending too much money. Tyrone admits to Kevin he’s in financial straits as he never got round to cancelling the Lapland trip which he can ill afford. Kevin offers to lend him some money but Tyrone insists he’ll sort out his own mess. Sophie meanwhile suggests to Kevin that with his ever-increasing workload, he should look for bigger premises locally.
ALYA’S TO THE EDGE As Izzy and Eva quiz Alya about her wedding plans, Alya can no longer suppress her mounting anxiety and flees from the factory. At home Yasmeen shows Alya her mother’s wedding dress, suggesting she might like to wear it at her own wedding. In tears Alya tells Sinead that for her marriage to work she has to be honest with Gary and tell him the truth about her one night stand with Jason.
KEN TRIES TO CURRY FAVOUR WITH AUDREY Ken invites Audrey round for dinner. Worried what people will think, Audrey wonders who else will be there and Ken is forced to invite Roy and Cathy too. However when Rita comments on how much time Audrey is spending with Ken lately, Audrey’s fears are heightened. Will she cancel their date?
ELSEWHERE At Cathy’s suggestion, Mary decides to write a book about her life but will her friends show any interest? When Aidan tries to chat up Eva in the factory, she gives him short shrift. Kate and Sophie nearly come to blows over Kevin’s cars blocking the factory entrance. Aidan and Kevin pull the girls apart

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Anonymous said...

Who does the research for this rubbish? And gets it wrong? Sharif said that Stakhanovite would struggle to work as hard as Gary. This is incorrect. A miner called Stakharov was the original over - achiever in Stalinist Russia, who in 1935 mined many times more coal than his quota. This inspired other workers, and led to the Stakhanovite movement, with everyone trying to exceed their quotas. So Sharif should have said that even Stakhanov didn't work as hard as Gary. A Stakhanovite was someone who tried to emulate him. Also I very much doubt that Gary, with his minimal education, would have a clue what Sharif was talking about!

Anonymous said...

Rita needs to mind her own damned business re: Ken/Audrey!! And no one cares about a book that's being written, they only want to see the final product and how it does... friends or no.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other anonymous - these days рeoрle in the former USSR still say 'work like a Stakhanovitz' which means one of Stakhanov's emulators. Although why Sharif would know about or say this is beyond me :) John H

Zagg said...

I am so tired of Alya and her whining about her one night with Jason. BooHoo. Put your big girl panties on and get on with it. And, the way Gary flipped women, even if he does find out, he shouldn't open his mouth. Trying it on with Tina after Owen put up thousands for him and Izzy to have a baby, then leaving Izzy once the baby was born. What a low down skunk. He is not husband material for anyone.

Anonymous said...

Zagg, well said. I never, ever thought Gary was any prize. Wanted a kid so bad and then when he gets one walks out on his physically challenged girlfriend. He has mental health issues lives with his idiot of a mother. Who the heck is he to judge anyone!


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