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Saturday 31 October 2015

Corrie weekly update - The Inexplicable No. 65

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Ken’s always been a man lost without a woman. Audrey’s long been a woman lost without a man. It seems only right that they should get together as in the world of soap things have to move apace. But for this fan it’s too soon after Deirdre’s death for them to start swapping tongues. Mind you, it hasn’t come to that yet although Audrey gives Ken a trim in the salon, they share a drink in the Rovers and Ken’s eyes light up every time she comes into view.  Ken invites her to dinner and she accepts when she hears Roy and Cathy are coming too. But at the last minute she tells Ken she’s got a migraine and declines dinner after Rita asks her if she’s developing feelings for Ken.   Please no, it’s too soon. We’re all still trying to adjust to Roy with Cathy, nice as she is and all that, but, well… you know.

Kev upsets his neighbours this week when his forecourt is chockablock with cars. He’s got a lot of work on, has Kev, but there’s nowhere for him to park the cars he’s servicing and there’s a kerfuffle on the cobbles.  Sophie decides it’s time for her dad to expand the business and move on, all the way to Viaduct Street where there’s an empty unit under the arches that’s come up for sale.

Mary moans all week about how life is passing her by before deciding to write her life story. But then something inexplicable happens when Brendan, the editor of her favourite magazine about the paranormal comes into the Kabin. Their eyes meet, they recite the same classical literature lines and love is in the air. It’s fair to say that Norris isn’t best pleased, but then he’s just a nasty little man who’s not best pleased about much these days.

 Wedding preparations move on for Alya and Gary as Sharif and Yasmeen give Gary a 25% share in the gym as their wedding gift to the couple. Gary signs the paperwork and becomes a partner in the gym business. Too late, Alya breaks down and tells him she slept with someone else. Gary is distraught but these two have never had any chemistry between them so I’m glad they’ve split up and hope it stays that way too.  Anyway, Gary storms onto the Street and demands to know who Alya slept with, he assumes it was Aidan when he sees Aidan comforting Alya but Jason confesses it was him.

Yasmeen as drawn by (L to R) Audrey, Ken, Michael
Over in the Community Centre, Cathy runs another of her art classes. I like these, they’re lovely little touches. Yasmeen poses as a life model and has her hair done specially as Ken, Audrey and Michael put pencil to paper and set to drawing her likeness in their pads.  “Where do you want me?” she asks them. “Any position is fine, I do pilates!”.

Cathy’s sister Nessa arrives to interrupt this little scene, she’s looking for her son Alex who’s disappeared. Fortunately he turns up later in the Rovers and challenges Roy to a game of darts, a lovely little touch, as playing darts, as we all know, is clearly not Roy’s cup of tea.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

So Audrey gave Ken a hair trim, did she? Very cheap too - £5 I think - but it was no different when she'd finished. They do this all the time, whether it's Audrey, Maria or David. Couldn't they at least, for continuity ' s sake, give the actors a professional cut/ style and just film the "after" bits? And please get in a real hairdresser to show them how to comb hair convincingly!

Newfy Pearl said...

Audrey and ken....good idea. I love that the Barlow patriarch and the Platt matriarch are going to be united. As for too is a tv show. Both actors are not getting any younger......give them an interesting storyline. I am delighted. Bravo Corrie.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of hairdressers what was up with Liz' hair in this episode?? - it looked as if she had a fight with a hair blower and lost. Concerning Alya & Gary, they never did have chemistry. And the fact that Izzy is okay with their relationship is a bit OTT, especially all they went through to have a baby and I'm having a hard time believing that she can bring up Jake by herself without any help. Most single moms find it really hard. It would be best if Alya left for London, used her college degree to get a great job and start a whole new life away from the street. If she stays the guilt will consume her.

Anonymous said...

Audrey has some great drawing talent! Michael may need to see a psychiatrist.


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