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Wednesday 21 October 2015

Platt family crisis jingles on into Christmas

There are paparazzi pictures online of Corrie filming this week which you can view at Digital Spy.  The pictures show David Platt comforting Callum's mum Marion after she gets her purse stolen in Manchester's Christmas market while out doing her Christmas shopping.  Yes, Corrie are already filming their Christmas episodes as they work so far in advance.

As Marion's still around and David looks pained to see her, I wonder if this means that Callum's manhole murder mystery story will be still be rumbling on all the way until Christmas? I might have to buy in more sherry if it is.

On the subject of me-laddo under the manhole, what does everyone think about this? Do you reckon Callum's body is really still under there or was Callum not really dead and do you think he might have escaped and left a pile of rubble wrapped up in the duvet cover instead?

Or maybe Tony moved the body and put something else nasty down the drain to convince David and Kylie that there was still a body there?

As we know, Tony is leaving the show so there could be something in my rather terrible theories. He did seem awfully keen to exaggerate the use of the word 'dehumidifier' the other week. Or maybe I just need to get out more.

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Ancient Corriener said...

I'm with you on the Tony theory, both David and Kylie went to fetch Max from school, so there was no one in the house. Gary said he didn't get the message from Tony to say not to carry on with the concreting because his phone was dead, but what if Tony didn't message him anyway!

Humpty Dumpty said...

If Marion's still around at Christmas, it makes me wonder whether Sarah is going ahead with the pregnancy or Marion is trying to persuade her to do so. A previous commenter said Tony probably didn't dispose of Callum's body because he was asking after him. Tony's clever; he could have been asking in order to look as bemused as everyone else. I'm not sure why he would have gone to the trouble though. Easier for him to pile several tons of cement over the site. Quite possible that Callum is still alive and has legged it abroad. He has the false passport that Gemma got for him so my guess is that he's reinvented himself in a country where there would be little chance of flushing him out. We must be due a violent explosion soon so that will be the building works collapsing and there's nothing in the duvet.

Pootle5 said...

I really hope there is a fantastic twist to this to make it worthwhile - Callum ending up in a hole did seem obvious from the first mention of building work at the Platts'.
They made a lingering point of Callum looking at the passport before he went in to the house.
Also, was the concrete wet because it had been re-layed.?

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake, people, Callum was DEAD. Please, powers that be, do NOT have him miraculously come back to life. Now, Tony hauling him out of the hole and disposing of him elsewhere I could live with.... I'm just not sure what his motivation for doing that would be. With Callum in the hole, the fingers would point at the Platts before they would point at Tony.

Alison said...

Why on earth would Tony do that? He is dead and that's that.

Tvor said...

I think if he'd been alive, he'd have been so injured that he would have left a lot of evidence had he got himself out of the hole. I also think if he'd been alive and had got away by some miracle, he wouldn't let it rest and would have had a hit out on Kylie, David and Sarah by now. It's possible Tony moved the body I suppose.

Stephen said...

Has anyone on the staff at Corra ever said whether or not they heed the viewers' opinions? On this site and on Facebook, I see many more comments bemoaning the oppressive longevity of this story than comments full of praise. So the overwhelming feeling seems to be that this should have been tied up neatly by last Easter, rather than let's flog the dead horse until NEXT Easter.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Callum may not be dead and may ahve crawled out of the manhole...if he is alive he will make himself scarce as he knows that Max does not care about him right now.
I think the Topny angle could also eb possible...does anyone think Callums phone will be found ...even if it is the police migtht hink that the message sent by Kylie was sent by callum or someone else....hope David broke it ebfore he threw it in the canal....hope no prints can eb found ...thepolice cant really bale kylie for hiting him it was in self defense for sara ....the crime theya re guility of is not reporting it ...hope he stays dead ....

Glenda Young said...

We appear to have our Blog Troll back again. I've therefore deleted a great deal of angry, negative (and anonymous of course) comments from this blog post along with others left on other posts. I never, as the troll claims, delete comments that differ from my point of view. The blog thrives on healthy debate between fans.

I will, however, always delete anger and negativity towards those who volunteer their time to write here for us.

If you don't enjoy Corrie, please don't leave your anger here telling us how much you hate it. Take your problem elsewhere.


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