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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Tony Stewart to leave the Corrie cobbles

While it hasn't been officially announced that Terence Maynard is leaving the show, the Manchester Evening News has photos of his leaving do at a Greek restaurant in Manchester last night with some of the Corrie men.

The news piece does say that ITV had confirmed that he had his last day filming on Friday. It seems Tony's exit will be related in some way to the storyline that saw he and Tracy Barlow try to take over the Rovers under Liz's nose.

There have been rumours that Tony and Liz reunite but there has also been speculation that Liz draws Tony in just to get her hands on his share of the pub again before banishing him altogether. I can see that happening.

Another school of speculation has Tony being banged up for Callum's death. Tony's fingerprints and DNA may still be on the burned out car and Tony was the builder responsible for filling in the manhole, sealing in the deceased Callum. But would the Platts let someone else take the blame? I think David would!

It's all speculation at this point but it seems that Tony Stewart won't see the year out on the Street, one way or the other, since the cast have begun filming the Christmas episodes this week.

You can see Terence Maynard in Aladdin at the Sunderland Empire this Christmas. Here's a full list of current and past cast members in pantomimes this year.

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Anonymous said...

yet another reason not to resume watching this ailing program.

vintgal003 said...

That's too bad...with him coming back awhile ago....I thought that maybe his role would be made permanent and that he and Liz would get back together....

Anonymous said...

Is he leaving or just taking a 'Panto break' ? I still think he removed Callum and disposed of the body before Gary laid the concrete.

Rapunzel said...

Boo. He's become one of my favourites. I hope they give him room to come back.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he removed the body - in Friday's episode he was asking anybody if they had seen Callum - if Tony had disposed of the body, then surely he wouldn't bring up the subject. I suspect that Denton, the drug dealer, found the body when David & Kylie were not at home and took care of business. Of course we will have to suffer through much tension & terror when the police decide to break open the concrete only to discover nada.

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