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Monday, 4 May 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 4 May

Monday 4th May
SARAH AND CALLUM DRIVE DAVID TO DESPAIR David’s furious to find Callum at no.8 having been getting it on with Sarah. As David turns on Sarah, Callum enjoys winding David up. Shaking with rage, David orders Callum out of the house. Nick does his best to calm David down, pointing out it’s Max’s hearing in 2 weeks’ time and he has to get a grip. But David’s desperate and clutching their passports,
David bundles Max and Lily into a cab. What is he up to?
SEAN HITS THE HEADLINES Billy calls at No.11 and angrily shows Sean the Gazette article about their run in with the pub landlord.Sean’s mortified and explains how Julie contacted the paper with their story. Worried for his career, Billy tells Sean he’s got a meeting with the Bishop who has very conservative views on homosexuality. Sean feels terrible.
MARY FEELS THE SPITE OF TODD When Todd asks for credit in the corner shop, Mary overrules Julie and refuses him. Keen to get his own back, Todd reports Mary’s motorhome to the council, claiming it’s a hazard.
ELSEWHERE Despondent Carla tells Michelle that her relationship with Nick is over before it began as his old flame Erica is back. Eileen’s thrilled to receive another message from Jeff, flattered that he’s so persistent. Todd smiles to himself. Steve is taken aback to find a dog in the back of his cab.

Monday 4th May
CALLUM FUMES AS DAVID ABSCONDS WITH MAX Nick and Sarah are worried to discover David’s done a runner with Max and Lily and taken their passports. As David checks into an airport hotel he phones Nick, assuring him they’re fine and not to worry. Nick’s beside himself realising David’s abducted Max two weeks before the custody hearing. Having discovered David’s done a runner with Max,Callum’s livid and grabbing Nick’s mobile, phones him. Callum tells David he’s got until the morning to bring Max home or he’ll finish him once and for all. Is there any going back for David?
DD SPELLS TROUBLE FOR JULIE AND MARY A council officer inspects Mary’s motorhome and reveals that one of the neighbours has made a complaint about it. Mary’s horrified. Convinced that Julie’s never liked her, Mary accuses her of reporting her to the council. Julie’s hurt and denies all knowledge. As Norris does his best to calm Mary down, will Todd feel a pang of guilt?
SEAN AGREES TO KEEP UNDER WRAPS Having returned from his meeting, Billy’s upset as he explains to Sean that the Bishop made his disapproval plain and in desperation Billy lied to him, assuring him that he and Sean have ended their relationship. How will Sean react to this?
ELSEWHERE Liz and Michelle are taken aback to find Steve’s brought a dog home. Making out he’s had a threatening call from the loan shark, Tony puts pressure on Steve and Michelle to find a buyer for their half of the pub.

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Anonymous said...

The Sean/Billy thing reminds me too much of Jenna losing her job and professional standing over Sophie -- I don't think being a vicar is the sort of job one leaves on a whim.

abbyk said...

If he can get rid of Mary, I may find a place in my heart for Todd.

Doesn't Barbados have a no extradition policy, or at least can a lawyer make it sound that way? Why not just have a visit with Aunt Becky, where mommy should have been all along. Oy, the dramatics.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh for goodness sakes David, just boot Sarah and Bethany out on their sorry backsides. Its your house and if she wants to betray you with your arch enemy then she takes the consequences. I am bored senseless with this storyline now. It has to rank up there with one of the most BORING EVER.

Surprised that Mary has got away with it so long with that motorhome parked in the Street - does she pay Council tax I wonder. Surely there would be a bye-law against it. Frosty wouldnt like that parked outside his window day after day. A health hazard if nothing else.

Zagg said... we go again with Toad. Every time someone slights him, even in a minute way, he sets out to ruin their lives. Surely the street should have figured this out by now.
He's like a stray dog character whose only purpose is to keep crapping on people's front lawns. Pointless character. I would love to see him killed off.

Anonymous said...

"DD spells trouble...". What or who is DD?

Anonymous said...

Loved the fact that the juke-box in Rovers Return in 2nd part of Corrie was playing one of my favourite songs-"Stoned Love" by The Supremes from 1970. It was played during the verbal sparring between Mary and Julie. As the song is about love ss strong as stone this was ironic as the 2 were verbally tearing each other apart!

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