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Monday, 11 May 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 11 May


I am ridiculously excited about the Tony, Tracy, Liz triumvirate. I like Liz, really like Liz and I don't want to see her sad but, nevertheless, I think this is a great storyline and Liz being sad is just a sacrifice that needs to be made. The ramifications are huge. Tracy, once Liz's daughter in law, once Steve's wife, is also the mother of Amy, Liz's granddaughter, and Steve is Amy's father. Amy's grandfather is Ken, and Ken is Tracy's adoptive father. Michelle is Amy's step mum and the soon to be wife of Steve. Michelle and Tracy loathe each other and Michelle is about to become Liz's daughter in law, officially.

Now, Tracy is having an affair with Tony, who is the boyfriend of Liz and Tracy wants to see herself behind the bar at The Rovers, a place where in general, she is never really very welcome.  Tony is buying part of the pub, with Tracy. In fact, ownership wise, it's all getting rather confusing, at least for my economically challenged mind.

Liz shows some possible buyers round the pub, Michelle is shocked to discover that they want to live there and be in control.  Then, bringing some relief, a solicitor, Mr. Fox, from Travis Ltd, arrives explaining that his 'client' would only be interested in their share of the profit and nothing else. He claims that Travis have a chain, even though Michelle couldn't find them on the internet.  So, after not much deliberation, Steve agrees to selling his share to Travis. We see Mr Fox and Tony exchange a look, so we know he's in cahoots. Steve says he feels as if he's been castrated. But, Todd has overheard and tells his boss who in her usual fashion, barges into the pub to have it out with Tony. But, Liz is there, so....

Tony is fuming with Tracy who he tells should engage her brain before she speaks, as she almost let the cat out the bag. Having dragged her round the back to explain, Tracy is delighted when Tony has explained to her what he is doing. Now she puts the next part of the plan to Tony,  to gain Liz's part of the pub, seriously increasing his feelings of guilt towards Liz, the woman it seemed he loved, the woman who Tracy calls 'that nagging, sponging, life-sapping old tart.'  After all, he is about to betray her dramatically. He is making a return to the bad side with the good side fighting back as he makes her apologise to Liz for her behaviour. Or is that because he wants Liz's suspicions quashed? All this is clearly going to end in disaster - the fall-out will be dramatic - and the person who will be the most betrayed is our Liz. If all goes to plan, how difficult it will be to watch Tracy crowing behind the bar. Something tells me though, that it won't come to that.

Both Eileen and Jason know something of the situation and maybe they will get involved...

Anna is having a difficult time. She hasn't got much space, her relationship has ended, albeit that it was her choice. She hasn't got much money, she feels as if she has failed as a mother to Faye. Faye of course has her own problems too. She is 13 and she has a baby, a baby that she wishes she hadn't got. But babies have a habit of sticking around and needing to be cared for. Miley needs love, above all else and I sincerely hope she gets her fair share. There are plenty of people who would be in seventh heaven if they could adopt a small baby. So, there are still options. Even though it is Anna who is complaining about Faye's lack of interest in Miley, it is probably Anna who would want Miley to stay with them above anyone else. Faye though is spending time away from Miley deliberately, hanging around at the shops avoiding going home and deliberately buying the wrong size nappies so that she'll have to go out again. Anyway, it turns out that Faye really likes Mr Buckley as did Sophie. Mary turns up after her first night at Dev's. Turns out that Julie snores and visits the bathroom frequently during the night. Later we get Julie's opinion of Mary's overnight behaviour and it turns out that Mary talks in a deep voice in her sleep. Mary tells Sophie and Faye that she wouldn't go back to school for a pension and then, oddly says, 'It's a murderous place for the unusually gifted.' I guess she was talking about herself. Tim turns up with a large teddy bear for Miley, but rather ungraciously Anna tells him there's not much room for them all and that Faye's bedroom is like a phone box. £20 that huge teddy cost and he is £50 down too.

Roy is there to listen and shows kindness and wisdom to Anna. Of course he does. He does not though sugar coat anything and reminds Anna that the best thing you can give to a child is time.

Sean feels anxious about being present at the Bring and Buy sale. Afraid that Julie might let something slip, Sean warns her that she must not say anything about Sean and Billy being an item. Eileen, Adrian and Mary are all on hand to help. Adrian reveals himself to be a jigsaw fan and the owner of vinyls. Sean has a go at selling the bishop who has given Billy a hard time, some raffle tickets. He doesn't realise it's the bishop at first and then comes over very nervous, leaving the bishop wondering who Sean is. The sale is going really well though and should make some money especially with Emily getting £4 for some book ends that Ernest bought her. And Mary secures her forks for Dev's house. The bishop acts in a Christian fashion and allows her to have them. But, its not so good for Billy and Sean. That said, Billy has told the bishop what the situation is and we can all agree with Billy when he says, 'The bishop's wrong.' And off Sean goes to stay at Billy's.

The Jenny Bradley storyline is a great one too and I hope it is not dragged on and on resulting in the storyline losing its energy and direction. Jenny wants to rent a flat. She wants to rent a house for herself - and her son. Jenny is very emotional, crying and telling Jack how she loves him and wants to take him to school and look after him when he's ill. What has brought Jenny to this situation? Sophie has moved back home and Jenny is sweet to her. Well, since Jenny is planning to leave, she can afford to be.

Football wellington-wearing manager and bins, bins, bins!!! And Kevin Webster trying to sneak his rubbish into Dev's bin. What is the world coming to?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I loved the frequent remark amongst the gossipers in the Rovers: 'You didn't hear it from me'. It was played straight, and a real throw-back to the old days in the pub.

Llifon said...

I have to say I enjoyed tonight's episodes. Tim as usual was on top form and I love the Tony/Tracy scenes. And the bins and football theme was classic.

Anybody notice that the Bishop was Norris' twin assitant Horace back in 2009? :)

Anonymous said...

What would any Bishop, or the congregation at large, say about any vicar (gay, straight, male, female, black, white or green) having sleep-overs at the vicarage? It would have been far more interesting to have this story be about Billy having an intimate relationship outside of marriage rather than it being about them being gay. It's too bad because they could have written it so that Billy and Sean assumed it was because of their orientation when the Bishop makes it clear it's because they aren't married!

Tee said...

Excellent comment above

Frosty the Snowman said...

Tracy becomes a more ridiculous character shouting her head off in the pub, that along with her grimacing, it beggars belief that any man would want to get involved with this trouble maker.

How is Jenny going to pay the rent on the flat if she has given up her job and how does she think she is going to live with Jack? Like Kevin is just going to let him go. None of it makes sense.

Sean and Billy bore me to tears.
But it was a Platt free zone for once - hurrah for that.

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