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Sunday 10 May 2015

Casualty actor cast as Tracy Barlow's ex-husband

Casualty actor Tristan Gemmill is to join the cast of Coronation Street as the ex husband of Tracy Barlow.

Robert Preston will turn up unexpectedly at Deirdre's funeral - to the surprise of Tracy. Grieving over the sudden loss of her mum, and newly single following the end of her affair with Tony Stewart, it isn’t long before Tracy falls into the arms of Robert.

But chef Robert has omitted to tell her one detail about his new life since they split - he is still married to his second wife (played by Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud) who quickly arrives in Weatherfield to lay claim to her man.

Robert will land a job at the Bistro, but will he win Tracy round after she finds out the truth about his wife?
Tracy married Robert in 1996, she had an affair in 2002 and eventually divorced Robert, much to Deirdre’s dismay.  The role of Robert was originally played by actor Julian Kay.

Tristan who played Consultant Adam Trueman in Casualty for five years starts filming this week and will be on screen in July. He has been signed up for a year. His other credits include London's Burning, Death in Paradise, Atlantis and on stage in The Bodyguard.

Corrie producer Stuart Blackburn said: “Tristan is a fantastic and classy actor who will bring a real gravitas to the role of Robert Preston. We're all delighted to have him on board and I can't wait to see him striding down those famous cobbles.”

Tristan said: “I’m excited to be joining such an iconic show. Coronation Street is a great British institution and it will be a huge challenge to meet the expectations of its devoted audience. But it is a challenge I am really looking forward to.”

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Deirdre to die on her 60th birthday, July 8 2015.

Peter Barlow and Bev Unwin are returning.

Coronation Street build their own graveyard to film Deirdre's funeral

The funeral has been written by scriptwriter Damon Rochefort
Deirdre's death has been explained here

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coconno196 said...

Another contrived storyline. Tracy ' s husband was only ever in 10 episodes, firstly for their wedding, when Tracy was played by Dawn Acton, then a few years later when they split up because Tracy had an affair. They lived in London, so why would Robert now come to Weatherfield? There has been no hint that they stayed in touch, so how would he know Deirdre had died? Also, he was a carpet fitter - unlikely career move to chef, unless it's so he can get a job at the bistro...

Humpty Dumpty said...

I suppose we might find that Deirdre was in touch with Robert, disclosing all Tracy' antics over the years. He presumably told his wife and she now has lots of dirt on Tracy. Perhaps Deirdre felt bad about the way her daughter treated him. What depresses me is that he has been signed up for a year and I was really hoping that Tracy would be finished off long before that. Scraping the barrel by bringing in another man for her to sleep with proves that the writers have no idea what to do with this character now.

Tooth Sayer said...

I am assuming that Tony impregnated Tracy before he dies in the fire. He attempts to break off from her or betrays her in some way so Tracy murders Tony and then finds out she is progress because she is the most fertile woman on the planet.

coconno196 said...

What? Is this a spoiler? I haven't heard anything about Tony dying in the fire, though it's a fate well deserved for such a nasty character. I really like Tristan Gemmill, but he usually plays a sympathetic role and Toxic Tracy certainly doesn't deserve a nice boyfriend. The original Robert was too good for Tracy, but the scriptwriters will probably give him a personality transplant.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, Deirdre who never told Ken about Peter being arrested for Tina's murder nor keeps in touch with her family while at Bev's apparently kept in touch with her daughter's ex- husband telling him everything about Tracy's life?!If Robert's returns leads to a revelation that he was Deirdre's 'toy boy'then I give up!

C in Canada said...

Ok, there's a whole lot here that doesn't make sense - why would Deirdre keep in touch with some long lost hubby of Tracey's? Also, I've heard nothing of Tony dying in a fire, or of him leaving the show at all.
I do however, hope the new wifey of Tracey's ex gives her the worst time of her life.


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