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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's Corre - Wednesday 8 May

Coronation Street, Wednesday 8th May 2013

STELLA AND KARL’S PARTYING INCENSES OWEN. Gloria’s delighted to hear about Stella and Karl’s engagement and insists on throwing a party, despite Stella pointing out they’ve no money. Meanwhile having done the sums, Owen tells Anna that he’s little choice but to accept Stella’s offer of half the pub as the alternative is bankruptcy. But when Owen arrives in the bistro to see penniless Stella drinking fizz he issues her with a shocking ultimatum.
DAVID STARTS TO FEEL THE STRAIN. David’s too tired to concentrate at work and accidentally snips Dennis’ ear. Audrey sends him home but he insists on doing Kylie’s shift at the bistro. However when David has a funny turn and drops a glass, Nick makes a call to Kylie.
IT’S TINA AND NOT IZZY WHO NOTICES GARY’S ANXIETY. Gary assures Izzy he’ll look for another job so she can stay at home when the baby arrives. Gary and Izzy later have tea with Tina but as she watches Gary and Tina enjoying each other’s company can Izzy hide her jealousy?
Elsewhere when Tim brings Faye round to No.6 for her breakfast, Anna’s quietly concerned that
he’s not looking after her properly. Against Sylvia’s wishes, Hayley hands Roy the letter from his father, but Hayley’s taken aback by Roy’s reaction.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Poor old David, a young bloke actually having to do a few hair-dos at Audreys, where there always seem to be more staff than customers and a few shifts in his brother's restaurant where he seems more interested in talking to the midwife than doing any serving and the poor lovie is worn out - bless. Some people I know do 3 jobs to make ends meet and actually do them. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The Bistro is always 'fully booked' yet anyone can walk in off the street and get a table just like that.
I have no sympathy for David...I hope he gets what's coming to him..both barrels.

Anonymous said...

Are all the writers on the show men?? Why are pregnant women treated like they're fragile glass, even early on in their pregnancies?

Unless there's a known health risk, the majority of women continue on with normal lives, work, other children, housework, etc etc.

I'd love to take a poll of the folks in this blog site ... how many of you women who've been pregnant had panic-stricken men treating you like you're gonna shatter at any second?

~JB in Canada

Laura said...

I worked at a Woolworth's food counter, walking up and down, cooking and serving till 9 months pregnant, could balance a dinner plate on my bump!

Anonymous said...

I packed my things, changed jobs, moved countries, and took 2 days off from work to give birth, while the bloke who wanted the kid so desperately drank himself into a ditch and ran around with other women.

Anonymous said...

:-D Thanks for responses! I knew we were all made of sturdier stuff! LOL! I had 2 boys and worked right 'til the last minute for both of them. I sure didn't stop working and vacuuming at 21 weeks!!

~JB in Canada

Chatty Kathy said...

I have a heart murmur, and sailed through 2 pregnancies and births without a hitch, for which I'm happy. I never even had morning sickness.

I agree - these writers for the Kylie pregnancy story line must be men. Her husband is working her job shifts because of her high BP, and she's home eating salted crisps! Laughable!

At least Tina seems to be having a "normal" pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Totally unrealistic. She's a young healthy woman and this is her second pregnancy. My sisters, my friends and I all worked full time till near our due dates. I remember taking the bus to work and I had a walk a piece to get to the office and remember throwing up in a parking garage on the way
Don't any of the idiots on this show read a book or take pre-natal classes?

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