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Thursday 30 May 2013

Which Corrie characters are 'safe'?

Earlier in the week we were assured that Deirdre's future on the show is safe. Some comments in reaction to this began to question if some characters/actors are regarded as being safe, and maybe don't have to renew their contracts every two years like we hear happens to Kym Lomas or Michelle Collins.

It has been said that both William Roache and Eileen Derbyshire have 'iron' contracts, and that they cannot be axed. Since when has this been in force, who knows? If it has been! Bill Podmore once said that Ken Barlow has survived more assassination attempts than J. R. Ewing. Does Barbara Knox have an iron contract and did Betty Driver and Bill Tarmey and Liz Dawn?

Poor Peter Baldwin, who played Derek Wilton, thought that his future on the show was secure when he signed a contract in late 1996. But bang, in early 1997, he was told that Derek was being written out! So, signing a contract doesn't always mean an actor's future's safe!

And did Jean Alexander go before she was pushed? She was unhappy about her lack of storylines and decided to leave. Would producers dare axe the show's most popular character?

A few years back producers also discussed axing Blanche but changed their minds. Even a character as popular as Blanche was not safe from the axe. Helen Worth was considered to face the axe in 2001 but was saved when she became involved in the Hillman storyline. And she had been in the soap for 27 years! So sometimes a character's longevity doesn't always mean their future's safe.

So who do you think should be regarded as 'safe' characters? Characters you wouldn't dream of getting rid of them. Do you think producers should make public reassurances of the future of certain characters like the veterans of the show and acknowledge their appreciation of them?

My list of who should never be axed are: Emily, Rita, Deirdre, Gail, Audrey, Steve, Roy, Sally and Norris.
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Anonymous said...

Carla should be safe - she's irreplaceable.

corriefan said...

Dev should definitely be axed.
he is an overbearing, overacting,
overloud character, What is the reason for him being on the street. not because of the shop, as it is Sophie that runs it while he is moping around feeling sorry for himself all the time. Time to go Dev

Janice. said...

I would replace Norris with Tyrone on your list. I could live without Norris. Thankfully this annoying little man in only ever on briefly. Tyrone has endeared himself over the years and deserves a place of safety (specially after surviving Kirsty).

Stevie said...

The old guard...the longest serving characters are there for a reason, and would be very much missed, so I agree with your list.

Carla should stay too. Would like to see a few old faces back too...

Anonymous said...

Norris and Mary can't go! They are the street's gossip mongers! :)

Plutonian said...

Emily, Rita, Audrey, Gail, Sally, Eileen and...well...that's it as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to respectfully disagree but I wouldn't miss Gail or Sally. They've served their time what can the writers do for them? Gail has turned into a complete clown all she does is stick her nose into her kids business. And Sally is becoming more of a *itch than ever.

Tvor said...

I would definitely miss Gail and Sally both, very much. Any of the other old guard should be able to stay if they want to or are able, including (the actors that play...) Ken, Deirdre, Emily, Rita, Audrey, Gail, Sally, Roy, even Norris though I wouldn't miss him. I would hope characters like Leanne, Peter, Carla, Eileen, Fiz, Tyrone, David, Steve and Lloyd would all be long term characters if the actors wish to stay as well.

ChiaGwen said...

....and not one of you mentioned keeping St. Ella LOL!.....though perhaps she has an iron-clad contract into eternity!
I would keep Ken, Diedre, Audrey, Dennis, Rita, Steve, Lloyd, Tyrone.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your list with the exception of Norris. I think to be safe, characters need to have a long history and Norris hasn't been a permanent fixture for anything like as long as the others.

For the same reason, its ridiculous to want to include Carla on that list. Characters run out of steam or actors get itchy feet and both could potentially apply to Carla.

Dubcek said...

Why should anyone be safe?
Depending on how the lame story lines develop any one can be written out at any time.
Telling Anne Kirkbride that she has a job for life lets everyone else know that it's not how good an actor/actress you are but that it's favouritism that keeps you employed.

Anonymous said...

If Carla goes, half the viewers (mainly younger ones) will disappear!

Frosty the Snowman said...

I dont think anyone should be 'safe'. Why should they? Nobody is safe in their jobs these days irrespective of how long they have been there. None of them have the acting skills of Geildgood and most are mediocre and would be lucky to get a lot of work elsewhere. May sound harsh but its a fact. They should take their chances and be treated like everyone else in the cast.

Anonymous said...

My safe list is: Rita, Dennis, Steve, Roy, Diedre, Fiz and Tyrone. Plus a few potential maybes such as Kirk, Chesney and Beth.

My axe immediately list is: Carla, Mary, Dev, Izzy, Katie, Michelle, Ryan, Rob, Stella (though Gloria can stay for a while), Mandy, Shaun and Sophie.

Young fans like Carla? Can't imagine why in a million years.


Anonymous said...

I suppose anyone who's appeared on Coronation Street for over 10 years is classed as a long serving character. Nick, Leanne, Tyrone, Fiz, Maria and many others. I wonder if Sally Dynevor has an 'iron contract' and Simon Gregson.

Anonymous said...

My safe list is: Ken, Emily, Rita, Steve, Carla, Dev, Michelle, Roy, Gail, Audrey and Nick.

My not favourite characters would be: Sally and Norris.

Keep: Eileen, Julie, Beth, Kirk and Llyod though!


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