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Sunday 26 May 2013

Coronation Street set to turn into IKEA HQ

This is heartbreaking news for Coronation Street fans like me, who were hoping that the present Street set would be saved for fans to enjoy, even for a little while. 

The Sunday People reports today that the current Coronation Street set will be turned into IKEA's European HQ as plans to preserve the Street itself are scrapped.

The Sunday People reveals that the land the famous cobbles sit on is to be sold to private investors while the Granada building – where all inside scenes were filmed – is being bought by the Swedish firm to turn into its European head office.

Landprop, Ikea’s property division, said it was “deeply excited” about ­becoming owners of the 120-acre site in Manchester city centre.

Our friend, Mr Curry Sauce tells the paper: “Ikea are in final talks to buy the studios, it is a massive space and would be the biggest Ikea in the world. The issue now is what happens to the cobbles. Since the announcement that the show was going to move to new studios in 2010, there has been much ­speculation about what will happen. Sadly there have been no takers to keep the Street as it is. There were hopes that the museum would take it on – you would be able to see it from the building. But this is not going to happen. Several private investors are in line to buy the space. When that happens, it will be the end of the Street. The fans will be devastated.”
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Tvor said...

Seems a bit bizarre for a company like that to move into that old building as their European headquarters. And building an enormous IKEA there in the city centre with no or very little parking? Doesn't seem like their usual MO for a store does it?

Nick (Manchester) said...

Terrible news. Like the author said, I was also hoping the street would be kept so the public could visit once again. I think tourists would flock to Manchester again, especially if it was done in similar vein to the old Granada Tours which was always packed with visitors when I went. I had the pleasure to visit 3 times but a long time ago now. There is surely enough office space in Manchester unused they could have gone to. Let's hope something happens before it really IS too late!! :(

Anonymous said...

Money above all else.

Stephen said...

"deeply excited"? Excitement is a passing emotion. Very excited, yes. Or just say that you're excited. Excuse my pedantry, but when a corporation uses such an expression, it just smells to me of corporate bullshit.

Anonymous is right. Money above all else.

maggie muggins said...

The Street should be treated as a national treasure, not a stomping ground for corporate greed-heads. Sad, very sad. Wonder if there's a petition we can sign.

David said...

After the thrill of watching the new set being built, it's going to be heartbreaking to read that the old set is no more. I suggested to ITV that they use the vacated set to film a drama set in Corrie's distant past - perhaps set during one of the wars or when the street originally opened in 1902 - but it was passed on and forgotten. I think it will be a huge missed opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Someone is sure not thinking. I, a Canadian, would for sure make the trip to come to Manchester next time I am in the UK and probably pay too much to go to The Street. And there are TONS of us who are fans. I think this would be a pretty good moneymaker. Missed opportunity.

Anonymous said...

It's been the Street's exterior since 1982, the majority of the show's lifetime. A shame to see it bulldozed in corporate interests.

Anonymous said...

so many loved icons on british television have walked down those famous cobbles ...... disgusting itv !


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