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Thursday 23 May 2013

Could you ever give up watching Coronation Street?

TV reviewer Paddy Shennan at The Liverpool Echo has given up watching Coronation Street.

"So what?" You might think.

Well, he's been watching it for 45 years.

But he's finally had enough. Read his reasons here, it's a good piece and sadly I know exactly where he's coming from.  I've felt like giving up too over the last few months, mainly because of Stella. But I'm a stubborn old girl and refuse to give in, it'd be like letting the school bully win.

I did stop watching during the silly summer of Stape when I gave up for a few nights when Corrie was on every night.  My heart fills with dread of Corrie being on almost every night next week too.  'Big' weeks aren't my favourite thing. It's the small things I like, the dialogue, the looks.

So I'm still sticking with Corrie and hoping and hoping it'll get better again soon under new producer Stuart Blackburn. There's a glimmer of hope that it might.

Could you give it up? Would you?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Well its on again every night next week I think with the dire surrogacy storyline. Must make a note to get some earplugs. Frosty would never give up on Corrie although if he misses the odd ep he wouldnt be that bothered when years ago would record it religiously even when went on long holidays.

Clinkers (David) said...

Well my heart sank at the prospect of another 'all-weeker', especially given that it revolves around the tedious surrogacy plot. I don't bother recording the programme when I go away on holiday & sometimes skip episodes due to time restraints. Would I give up viewing though? Not yet!

Anonymous said...

It is terribly boring now and set to get preachy. Where once it was compulsive viewing, I can leave it alone now. Mr Blackburn seems to have made things worse.

Tvor said...

Nah i would never give it up. Too stubborn and i still enjoy it a lot even if there are some characters and storylines i'm not liking at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I agree, why would anyone stop watching corrie if they dont like one character or a storyline
Whats the point, i would never stop because it is good
Ive been watching for just over 3 years

Llifon said...

Yes there are boring episodes, but there are some corker scenes in some of them.

I've recently been watching episodes of Corrie from 1974, and there are some characters that I don't like and some stories that I found boring, but there are others to make up for it. It's the same now.

You've got the boring Stella/Karl saga, and then you've got Roy/Sylvia/Hayley to balance the good and the bad.

Again, I'm watching 1998 episodes on YouTube, and side by side with the brilliant Deirdre in jail story, you get some crap characters and questionable stories, but the good outranks the bad.

Corrie is a great British institution. If its biggest fans jump ship, well it has no chance of keeping afloat. We'll weather the storm and bring it back to harbour, however long it may take.

There's hints that the cast and crew read this blog so maybe, just maybe, they will change things for the better.

Anonymous said...

Yes I could give it up I think. I have watched it for more years than I can count....but to be honest I am tired of stories that begin and go nowhere....and those that seem to go on forever.
I am also tired of many good actors being hidden in the corner while some are placed in the front over and over again.
For example...I am sure a regular could have taken over the Rovers and brought about many storylines that would have been quite entertaining.
For the Price family to be focused on so much in the future is a slap in the face to those who have been there for years.

Anonymous said...

I don't like some of the characters at the moment but I wouldn't give up on it. I'm warming up to Stella actually..she's such a deluded cow..wait till the $hit hits the fan..
The producers have to dole out the dosh if they want the top writers. Some of the stoylines over the past few years haver really been the pits IMO.

Anonymous said...

I've watched it from the beginning, only missed a bit in the late 60's when I was taking exams and there were no video recorders in those days. Soon picked it up again though.

Over the years there have been many characters I didn't like, but nowadays there are some that I actually detest. And some storylines that leave much to be desired. But as someone else said, you don't stop watching a soap for a handful of characters or storylines.

I always record if I'm away, would hate to miss an episode.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I will always be loyal to Corrie - even at its worst it is head and shoulders above everything else that rivals it.

It has been extremely ropey at times under Collinson but I like what Stuart Blackburn has to say. There will always be characters we dislike and unfortunately at the moment there are quite a few. However if I gave up watching I'd risk missing out on lovely scenes such as the ones featuring the Croppers recently.

Corrie can still be brilliant.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It really needs to be dragged into the 21st century. Get rid of the factory and bring in the notion of an outside world, by which I mean that residents should be working or studying at least a bus ride away. Or people can't get work and are volunteering. I'm not as fanatical about Corrie as I used to be and I tend to not watch storylines with characters I don't like.

piedpiper67 said...

I see Corrie like my golf game... frustrating and loathing at the worst of times and when I make that (very rare) birdie, its delightful. I see right now times I want to give it up as I see no hope in it getting better and then there are times (like with the Haley/Roy/Silvia story) that I bask in the glory of the 'hole in one'. :-)

Anonymous said...

Gave up watching when Frank got away with raping Carla. Not heard anything to tempt me back and it does not surprise me that others are giving up watching after years of being fans.

Anonymous said...

hehehehe I am with Frosty about the dreary surrogacy plot. Also fed up with the Price gang--wish they'd get out of town. I was thinking how they could bring some of the mainstay characters into the show and have some interesting plots for a change. Where are Rita, Dennis, Norris, Mary? It is about time we had a Hayley, Sylvia and Roy line--they add so much to the show. I love all three characters to pieces. How about more Steve Macdonald and rolling his eyes?? I like Paul and so much could have been done with him and Eileen. blah blah blah

janice. said...

I gave up about a month ago after 40 years of Corrie. I was raised in Manchester and as a Canadian I felt it a link to my childhood. I enjoyed the grit, the realism, the wit. It became a habit. Since the Stape story it was feeling like a labour, an obligation more than entertainment. The dreadful characters on now totally turned me off, especially the Price clan. The departure of Sunita and the imminent departure of Hayley sealed the deal. It is now a crime show about despicable Brits I do not recognize. I still read this blog so I must have some hope. But so far nothing has lured me back into watching.

ChiaGwen said...

The recent scenes with Roy, Hayley and Sylvia just affirmed why I watch Coronation St...brilliant understated scenes and acting. These are those golden moments that somehow make up for the moments of poor acting and storylines.

KatelynMade said...

NOPE! I've not missed ONE episode since I started watching. Even with having a new baby, unfortunately I had to give up blogging Corrie, but I still have never missed an episode (and trust me, I've missed a bath or two instead...shhh). So as much as I can't stand it at certain times (I loathe The Prices and this silly surrogacy storyline plus Katy/Ryan)I will keep watching.

Chatty Kathy said...

Yes, I have finally stopped watching. Like Janice, I check here time to time to see if it's okay to watch again, but still there's too much chaff within the wheat.

And Graeme, with all due respect, you have stated that you've never watched any other soaps, so how do you know that Corrie is head and shoulders above the rest?

Karyn said...

After 50 years of never missing it, my Mum no longer watches it. It's changed. And we are about 2 yrs behind in NZ.


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