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Monday 20 May 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 20th May

Sylvia's lines tonight deserve special attention. As her daughter-in-law states that it's not good for Roy to keep his feeling about the death of his father bottled up, Sylvia responds with short shrift. She wonders why a nation so keen on analysing itself has ended up in such a mess. So it seems neither Roy nor his mother are great believers in the talking cure.

Sylvia also gave us a glimpse into her past as she pointed out what Roy must have known on some level, but like all children, it is very difficult to think of parents as young people and for Roy it can't be easy to imagine Sylvia as a once attractive 19 year old queuing up to see Bill Haley, attracting the attention of the now deceased St John. She also points out that things were different then. You got on reasonably well, so why not get married?. Society's expectations were such that people did get married without having much experience of life or other relationships. She must have been profoundly affected by St John's abandonment of her and she states that she hated him for leaving her and Roy.

Despite the sympathy we must feel for her, she doesn't always help herself.  It's not always so much what she says, but how she says it. She points out to Gary that, 'Good manners cost nothing, young man,'  and then follows it up by telling him that she'll be having words with his mother.

Peter and Rob put on a good show too tonight. Rob really does think he's something and under Tracy's influence he's not going to get a lesson in modesty. Let's just hope they don't breed. So Tracy and Rob are enjoying some afternoon delight but the coffee machine, Rob's baby (hopefully his only one) plays up in his and Tracy's absence. 'Get here now,' yells Peter on his return. Just like last Monday mops are featured again. Not just any old mops but mops with names on them and apparently Peter has one with Rob's name on it.

Tracy feels that Carla is pushing her luck when she asks Tracy to drive the van due to Kirk's absence. She gives Carla a number of bullet points as to why she shouldn't drive the van. But Tracy is no match for Carla and Carla gives her own bullet points right back at her. As Tracy leaves the office, Carla asks Michelle, 'Whatever possessed me to employ her, again?'

Maybe this isn't everyone's view, but Owen's reaction to Ryan is understandable, isn't it? Ryan has a bad reputation, he is with Katy in the afternoon in Anna's house and Katy, in Owen's head at least, is not doing her best by Joseph.  Even Michelle has some sympathy for Owen and recommends that Ryan goes to talk to Owen, hence the apparently legendary vegetable curry. Amusing dialogue between Steve and Michelle was another highlight tonight - so realistic and natural. When Steve offers to intervene in the Ryan/Owen debacle, Michelle tells him he sounds like the Mafia and then adds that, no, he should, 'Never try to help.'

As regards the business about Gary attempting to kiss Tina, well, it's all becoming a bit of a bore and Tina and Tommy are being so ridiculously  precious about it. If all couples split because of an attempted kiss by one or the other, then noone would be with anyone, almost. Of course, it's all a build up to rumours that Tina may not be willing to give up the baby. Sadly though, this story doesn't convince.

And why not Chesney? If the boy wants to become ripped or hench, as the vernacular has it, why not? 'Three months from now, I'll be a different person.' Watch out Ryan.

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Anonymous said...

I love Carla but this Rob vs. Peter storyline is frustrating already and it's only just starting. Who wants to listen to Rob go on and on about how Carla 'owes him.' She owes him nothing. In fact, HE owes her! Don't like the way he keeps demanding shares in her businesses either. What's with his sense of entitlement?

And it's also ridiculous how the minute Rob, the 'business expert' leaves the factory, Underworld starts losing orders. Carla is more than capable! It's just tedious now.

A business course in prison isn't the same as years of actual experience.

I don't get why they always have to go down this route.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia is turning out to be quite a complex character, rather than the straightforward old curmudgeon she seemed at first. I love the fact that we, the audience, are discovering different sides of her at the same time as Roy. I also am glad to see that they are not wasting the talents of a very talented actress this time.

abbyk said...

Owen's reaction at the house made perfect sense. He knows what bad news Ryan is -- they live on the same street as Sophie Webster, who's like a year older than Katy and nearly died thanks to him. Katy is a stroppy little fool who listened to no one when she insisted on having a baby. She cheated on the poor hardworking guy who loved her, she's completely ignoring the needs of her toddler and she's sponging off anyone who will babysit or give her a place to live. She's freakin' Tracy Junior. Sorry, Miss, not your house, not your rules, and Owen was perfectly right. Too bad he was so civilized at dinner.

Once again, thank goodness for the Croppers. And Rita.

Anonymous said...

Don't like Steve's hair shaved like that, it only shows his receding hairline more. Please grow it back!

Frosty the Snowman said...

I thought it was Contrive-anation Street last night - Owen, Ryan and Katie shouting in the Street when of course Chesney with that face comes out of the house with Joseph at that precse time. Tina demanding to see Gary (why?) and then shouting at the tops of thier voices about this tiresome kiss when Ryan oh so conveniently is there to make peace with Owen at the builders yard. Then another of the Windass/Owen beanfeasts with Ryan oh so conveniently invited to sneer at Gary - again why would he bother? We wondered who the bald bloke was as well - then we realised it was Steve Macdonald!

Joseph said...

I seriously love love LOVE Sylvia at the moment. Look at what she did last night. She didn't want to visit Sinjin's grave (I cannot spell that name St John. It's weird!) but she could see that Roy needed some sort of closure so she pretended she wanted to see the grave for her son. If anyone ever doubted that Sylvia loves Roy, those doubts should be non-existent. Seriously I could gush about Sylvia forever but probably should comment on the other storylines too!

I find the Peter/Rob feud boring. Admittedly I see the thinking behind the storyline - the Ken/Mike feud is arguably the biggest storyline in the history of Corrie so why not try a similar premise for the next generation? - only difference is, Mike was likable. Rob is a jerk.

Yes of course Owen's reaction is understandable. Hell, this is my reaction! Katy is turning into a brat because of him, and she's putting her child second which is something I hate. Then again Chesney is starting to bore me with this 'new stronger man' nonsense too.

Gary obviously can't keep a secret to save his life. I mean, could he get any more suspicious? Like confronting Ryan at that little get-together - Ryan wasn't going to tell anyone but Gary decided to get all threatening. I despair, I really do.

Dave Parsnips said...

Anyone notice that Peter is addressing Rob as "SUNSHINE", that is the term that Mike Baldwin always used.

ChiaGwen said...

High and mighty Katy stomps off after Gary confesses to trying it on with Tina.....ooooh, Katy..guess your try on with Ryan doesn't count then? Tiresome girl. I was so hoping Anna would have hauled off and slapped her when she screamed, 'I left him with Anna' right in her face.


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