Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Corrie fans vote Hayley Cropper as favourite Underworld employee

Coronation Street Blog readers have voted Hayley Cropper as their favourite Underworld employee. 466 of you voted and 105 (22.53%) voted for Hayley. She is currently the longest serving employee, having worked there for a total of 13 years.

In second place came Janice Battersby who received 85 votes (18.24%). She holds the record of longest serving employee, working there for 14 years. In third place came Kelly Crabtree with 49 votes (10.52%) and hot on her heels was Karen McDonald with 48 votes (10.3%). Fiz Stape came fifth with 36 votes (7.73%) while Sean Tully got 32 votes (6.87%).

Kirk Sutherland was seventh with 29 votes (6.22%), Sally Webster was eighth with 22 votes (4.72%), Beth Tinker was ninth with 14 votes (3%), Julie Carp was tenth with 9 votes (1.93%) and Wiki Dankowska was eleventh with 7 votes (1.50%). Linda Sykes and Eva Price were tied in twelfth place with 6 votes (1.29%) and Izzy Armstrong secured 5 votes (1.07%)3 (0.64%) people thought Carla Connor as an employee, even though she's the boss!

2 votes (0.43%)
were given to both Michelle Connor and Ivy Tilsley, even though she never worked at Underworld! While 1 vote (0.21%) was given to Angela Harris, Tracy Barlow, Vera Duckworth (even though she also never worked at Underworld!), Angie Freeman, Becky Granger and Harry Flagg.

This week's poll asks you to vote for your favourite Corner Shop owner and you can vote here.

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