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Tuesday 28 May 2013

Stella Price fan wanted to write blog post in her favour

Here on the Coronation Street Blog we have a team of over 10 bloggers. And none of us have a decent word to say about Stella Price, and never have. 

We've come in for some flack in the comments left by readers of the Coronation Street Blog for never posting anything positive about St Ella of the back room - so here's your chance.

If you're a  Stella fan and want to write a blog post for us about why you rate her and why we should stop knocking her, email me at with  a few paragraphs in her defence.  The best ones will get posted.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm not a Stella fan, but I do think this is a great idea. On any blog or forum, strong feelings about a topic can snowball into a acceptance that it's the general consensus. Those that disagree or don't have an opinion one way or other can feel shy about putting what seems to be a lone view to the opposite. So, without any sarcasm at all, I urge Stella fans to take up FN's invitation to write a pro-Stella blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't hate Stella, but there should be a limit to her on screen presence. The total ruination and destruction of one character (Sunita) so another (Stella) could be front and centre is not on IMO.
I don't watch anyway when she's on because its the same lines over and over...KAHL...MUM...KAHL..I'm going to talk to Dev...I'm going to talk to whomever...would YOU like to talk??? ARGH!! Annoying doesn't begin to describe this character and she's dumb..not just naive..dumb. But, here she is for the forseeable so I'll shut up now.

Glenda Young said...

I just hope someone does respond. So far, no takers. I asked the same question of our 18,000+ followers on twitter some time ago - and no takers there either. Maybe those people who like Stella, just don't like her well enough to defend her?

David Parsnips said...

They wanted her to be a Corrie Icon but she has turned into a figure of fun and ridicule. Shame really.

Chatty Kathy said...

If someone does submit a pro-Stella blog post, here are a few matters I want to see addressed:

- Why did she feel entitled to Leanne's money to save the Rovers? Karl had already almost caused Stella to lose Rovers once because of his reckless gambling and stealing of Stella's money. Why would you expect a sane person to invest in a business with him still lurking about? Leanne's insistence that Karl not be involved if she gave the money was a sensible response. As a mother myself, I wouldn't have had the nerve to ask my daughter to invest her money in a business that had almost come to ruin because of my boyfriend, and then insisted that he remain in the picture when the business re-launches. I guess she inherited Boria's dubious parenting skills.

- Why does stupid Stella STILL insist that Karl saved her in the fire? All he did was throw himself over her prone body and mumble some suicide pact nonsense until Toni and Paul came to the ACTUAL rescue. Even a dim bulb like Stella should realize that what Karl did was ....nothing. Except to add another body to be hauled out the window by the already endangered firemen. He wasn't a hero; he was a liability.

- Please justify Stella's treatment of our poor Jason. She was rude, dismissive, and acted abhorrently to him, while allowing Karl to sneak his way back into her life. The only nice thing she did for Jason was to offer him a job at Rovers (coincidentally immediately after telling her daughter that no positions were open), and that lasted about a day and a half. Other than that, she was horrible to him.

- Please explain why she told Dev that it was such a bad idea for him to get back with Sunita, whose sole crime was cheating on Dev, but it was fine for HER to get back with Karl, who not only had cheated on her, but had also stolen, lied, gambled, and never did a noticeable lick of work. Hypocrite much, St Ella?

I'm sure there more questions that would need answering, but these are the ones that have been nagging at me.

Anonymous said...

Me too! Well put.

Defrost Indoors said...

I hold her directly responsible for Sunita's death, because she stuck her oar in and prevented them from reconciling, which was what they both wanted. Wonder if she remembers that or if Dev will think to throw that in her face.

Janice. said...

Wasn't there another attempt to create a legendary landlady that went wrong? Natalie Barnes. The actress was competent enough but lacked the grandness of predecessor Bet Lynch. So they cut their losses and brought in someone new. There was no campaign to force viewers to love her. No "take this it's good for you" attitude. Partially we are reacting to that with Stella.

Shan said...

Before the fire I probably could have come up with some nice things to say about her, I didn't mind her at all in the beginning. But since the fire, and especially the way she treated Jason and how immature she was, I can't remember what those nice things would have been.

Chatty Kathy said...

Janice, obviously the actress playing Natalie Barnes wasn't bessie mates with the then producer.


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