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Friday 24 May 2013

Celebrity Corrie Blogger – radio presenter Jonny Mac

Our Celebrity Corrie Blogger today is freelance radio and event presenter Jonny Mac, based in the East Midlands. He’s worked with many established radio stations including BBC Radio Leicester, 103 The Eye and Leicester Sound (Now Capital FM: East Midlands). As well as being a radio presenter, Jonny is also a radio and television voiceover.

Jonny has appeared as an extra in TV programmes including ITV’s other soap Emmerdale and Law & Order:UK and he made an appearance on BBC's The Weakest Link in 2011.

Jonny's taken up our challenge for a celebrity to write about their love of Coronation Street. And in return we've donated £25 to Jonny's charity of choice which is the Motor Neurone Disease Association. 

If you'd like to write a celebrity Coronation Street Blog post for us in exchange for a charity donation, all the details are here.

And now, over to Jonny:
“Coronation Street is often described as the nation's favourite soap and is loved across the country. With its gripping storylines, amazing actors and recognisable locations the whole country makes sure they're sat down as soon as the theme tune is played.

My favourite characters in the soap have got to be Steve and Lloyd. Their humour and one-liners make the show very light-hearted alongside its major storylines.

I started watching Coronation Street at the age of about 10 and even back then I was hooked and have been ever since! I visited the set in 2010 and was lucky enough to meet Craig Charles (Lloyd Mullaney) and a few other cast members, they're all very kind and welcoming.

My favourite storyline has got to be the tram crash which was LIVE. The fact they pulled it off was amazing, let alone include so many stunts in it!

My ideal storyline would see Norris taking to the charts and reaching number 1 as a 'Grandad' singer, haha!

The soap has been running for an incredible amount of years and to think they continue to grip audiences every night with storylines is unbelievable. The off-screen team behind the soap are just as important as the actors and deserve recognition. From the audio recorders and camera guys to the writers, costumer department and special FX teams.

Most recently we were all glued to our screens while the country's favourite pub, the Rovers Return burst into flames taking the lives of two characters. The scenes unfolding during the fire were acted very well namely by Fireman Paul (Tony Hirst), Stella (Michelle Collins) and Karl (John Michie).

I'm hoping to move away from radio work and focus on television acting/presenting so maybe I could feature in an episode or two!"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Stella - well acted scenes - is this a spoof?

Zagg said...

Hahaha...I was thinking the same thing!Stella and well acted in one sentence. HAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

As a reader, I feel bad about the response to this celebrity post. It's as if you invited someone to dinner, they brought a bottle of wine, but then, because you had personal issues with the vintner, you spent the whole meal b*tching about the wine, and forgot to thank your guest for bringing a bottle to begin with.

Bad feelings about Stella dominate this site to the exclusion, sometimes, of social grace.

I thought Johnny Mac made some interesting points about Corrie and also provided a unique angle, from his own radio and TV experience, on the importance of the tech team, including audio recorders and camera guys.

Thank you JM for taking the time to blog!

Jonny Mac said...

No worries Anon :) Thanks for sticking up for me ;)

JM x

Glenda Young said...

I also think Jonny did a great job!


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