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Monday 20 May 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 20 May

Coronation Street, Monday 20th May 2013 at 7.30pm

TINA AND GARY FAIL TO KEEP THEIR SECRET INTACT. Mindful of the recent upheaval in their family, Izzy proposes a meal at hers to heal rifts. Throwing himself into his relationship Gary promises to help but when Tina demands he meet her at the yard, where she has a go at him for tackling Tommy and arousing suspicion with Rita, he’s horrified to see Ryan’s walked in on their row. What has Ryan heard?
TRACY AND ROB HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF PETER AND CARLA. Peter and Rob are like a pair of rutting stags at the bookies. Fed up Rob slips into the back for a bit of afternoon delight with Tracy, who’s put out by Carla’s demands that she step in as delivery driver while Kirk’s off sick. But when their absence allows the coffee machine to leak all over the floor how will Peter react?
ROY RETREATS INTO HIS SHELL. Hayley attempts to get Roy to acknowledge his bereavement but he steadfastly ignores her. However when Sylvia insists they visit St. John’s grave together will Roy agree?
Elsewhere Stella plans a bank holiday Monday re-launch for the pub, as she thanks Karl for his support. Chesney decides it’s time to shed his Mr Nice Guy image.

Monday 20th May 2013 at 8.30pm

SECRETS AND LIES TUMBLE OUT AT IZZY’S MEAL. As the group gather at Izzy’s she’s determined to put all the family stresses behind them. But unsure of what Ryan now knows about him and Tina, Gary’s on edge. As soon as he gets chance he pulls Ryan aside, telling him to forget whatever he heard. Under pressure Ryan admits to Katy that he heard something about a kiss. Horrified will Katy blow Gary’s secret?
ROB’S SEETHING WHEN CARLA SIDES WITH PETER. Peter’s had enough of Rob and tells Carla he can’t work with him any longer. Left with little choice Carla tells Rob he’ll be returning to the factory. Bitter, Rob’s fed up of being treated like an underling, not a sibling! Egged on by Tracy, what will he do?
ROY PAYS HIS RESPECTS TO HIS FATHER. Finding St. John’s headstones Sylvia, Hayley and Roy pay their respects.
Elsewhere Karl snaps at Gloria for interfering with the pub’s rebuild, claiming he wants everything to be just right for Stella. Chesney starts pumping weights as he makes plans to bag himself another woman. But is it more to do with his insecurities over Ryan?

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FJH said...

I have been closely following the Tina/Windasses storyline and would just like to share some recent developments that clarify the Daily Star's report that Tina will not hand over the baby:

In an interview with the 'Weatherfield Gazette' on ITV's website, Michelle Keegan talks about how Tina will go into labor two months early, which is right now--at the Rovers' reopening, to be exact. Michelle shares how Tommy will be by her side and how the sideshow that is now Gary and Izzy will give her second thoughts about handing baby Windass over to a (currently) very unhappy family.

I wanted to share this because the Daily Star's report got me a bit scared of some more bad, hypocritical writing that we've unfortunately had to endure as of late. It obviously wouldn't be possible for Tina to all of a sudden latch onto a baby she has shown no affection for up to this point, but her recent disgust with Gary signals that she is hesitant about what she's gotten herself into. Going the Concerned Citizen route is much better than the Psycho Mommy one, and I think this fan is starting to warm to the Blackburn regime.

Frosty the snowman said...

Not quite sure why Corrie are totally over egging the Gary tried to give Tina a kiss business It was a KISS for goodness sakes he didnt try and force himself on her. GET OVER IT AND YOURSELF MS MACINTYRESOME! The dolt Tommy just hangs on her every word like a lovesick puppy.

Danni said...

Have to say, I'm enjoying Stuart Blackburn's work. I know it's still early days but the future of Corrie looks promising.

I like the way the characters are starting to interact with characters they normally wouldn't talk to (especially if Phil Collinson was still there).

The surrogacy drama is finally about to get interesting!

I'm also curious about where the Carla/Peter/Rob/Tracy storyline is going. In my opinion, Corrie is at its best when Carla & Peter are at the forefront of the show.

And I can't wait to see more of Roy, Hayley and Sylvia. Their scenes have been wonderful so far. Keep up the good work Mr Blackburn!!

Beth said...

I'm afraid Frosty I have to disagree. It's not just a kiss is it? For him to want to reach over and kiss her shows he has desires on her. Had she responded who knows where it would have led. If Gary and Izzy were all fine and dandy then he wouldn't have wanted to kiss another woman. It's the commitment thing. Lucky all round that Tina for once had the good sense to back off.

A kiss is never 'just' a kiss! Not when you are in a relationship with somebody else and ESPECIALLY when you are having a baby with somebody else.

Corrie of late has shown couples who have known each other all of five minutes having children together like as if they are toys or buying a new car together. It's congratulations all round and within the year the relationships have collapsed and the children have broken homes. Katie/ Chesney, Gary/ Izzy, Tyrone/ Kirsty. That's in the last few months.

Couples don't even bother to get to know each other before they even sleep together never mind have a child together. Marriage - well perish the thought!

It would be nice for once to have one couple who did things the old fashioned way in Corrie. Got to know each other, got engaged, married and then kids - and worked at staying married. Maybe viewers would learn a thing or two. Now wouldn't that be controversial :)


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