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Friday 31 May 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Friday 31 May

Coronation Street, Friday May 31st 2013 at 9pm

TINA’S DESPAIR BRINGS HER CLOSER TO TOMMY. With Tina’s words ringing in her ears Izzy agrees to grant Gary access to baby but will she accept his apologies and agree to them getting back together? Worried about Tina’s growing feelings for the baby, Tommy insists she doesn’t have to go through this alone, he loves her, always has and always will. How will a stunned Tina respond?
ROB’S PLAN MASSIVELY BACKFIRES. As Carla catches Rob with the stolen silk she demands to know why he ripped her off. Rob’s defiant as he insists he was looking after number one, as Carla has done all their lives. Gutted by his betrayal will Carla call the police or has she got another plan to punish Rob?
DEV STARTS TO QUESTION SUNITA’S GUILT. Over dinner with Stella and Karl, Dev’s upset as the kids refuse to accept Sunita was a criminal. Moved by their faith in their mum Dev starts to wonder if Sunita really was capable of murder. Karl squirms as Dev vows to push the police for answers.
Elsewhere Ches has a change of heart and agrees to look after Joseph. But when a tired Katy insists she and Ryan come home early, Michelle wonders how long their relationship will last.

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Corrie fan said...

Izzy and Gary should get back together, it wasn't an affair he had with Tina, come on! After all this, they can't split up now. Tracey is just bad news full stop. Where are the older Corrie people? Emily, Audrey, Deidre, its no good without them all. We've seen a bit of Rita which is good.

Billy Niblick said...

Just popped in to say that I was overjoyed tonight to witness the long overdue return of the daft conversation at the bar of the Rovers' .

Tonight (Thursday) it was Owen and Steve talking guff about whether having horns or hooves would be best, and it was superb. Remnded me of the glory days of Fred Elliott, Jack Duckworth, and Duggie Ferguson.

Corrie does this stiff so well. More, please.

abbyk said...

It was nice to see a young person exhibit common sense for once, and that it was Tina was a bonus. Somebody has to stick up for that baby and it isn't Gary & Izzy, who coming across like the world's most idiotic teens. YUCK! (No comment about the lack of gowns, gloves and handwashing in a NICU). The assist goes to Fiz for realizing that she & Ty shouldn't get involved (are you listening, Stella?). Sophie & Jenna giggling like happy couple made it a young'uns trifecta.

And then Rob got caught. Spine, Carla, spine! What a freakin' perfect night.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Is there ever a paragraph of a review of the evenings programme without the word "Stella" in it????

ChiaGwen said...

Great episode, especially since the Beige One actually wore a COLOR! What's with the 'ditzy' Jenna all of a sudden, acting like she's 17, not an older professional woman...still doing a few hours at Dev's shop and aspiring to do nothing else. Two Sophies we DON'T need.

lizzieizzard said...

What is wrong with the Gen Y lot can't take a little hiccup in a relationship - my goodness what rot Gary only tried to kiss Tina - they all need their heads knocked together - Tina yoy should take up Tommy's offer and leave the tribe to look after the baby you've done your job and now need to think of yourself. Rob and Tracey are like two snakes the sooner Deidre kicks her daughter out into the real world to fend for herself the better - can see little Amy staying with the Barlow's to keep stable environment - the story lines are getting worse. And yes we had beige Stella and her fella at dinner at Dev's - waiting for Karl to blurt out his secret any minute of the wine will hit....


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