Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Corrie A-Z: D is for Divorces

Over the years there have been about 50 divorces on Coronation Street. The first divorce was between Arnold and Elsie Tanner back in 1961, when Arnold filed for divorce due to Elsie’s adultery. At the time, divorces were a taboo thing and of course, Elsie, the scarlet woman, getting divorced, made her foe Ena Sharples’ day. The Tanners had been estranged for some years and Arnold sought a divorce after wanting to remarry.
A further three divorces took place in the 1960s; four in the 1970s; seven in the 1980s; twelve in the 1990s; sixteen in 2000s; and there have been two in the 2010s.
While various characters have divorced their significant others over the years, some have divorced many times. Elsie divorced her third hubby Alan Howard in 1978; Deirdre Barlow has been twice divorced; Gail McIntyre has been twice divorced; Kevin and Sally Webster have divorced each other twice; Liz McDonald has been twice divorced; as has Fred Elliott. Liz’s son Steve has divorced all his wives. Mike Baldwin also divorced all his wives (Susan in 1988, Jackie in 1992, Alma in 2000 and Linda in 2002).
Emily Bishop, Fred Elliott and Shelley Unwin have had to annul their marriages due to their spouses being bigamists.
A piece of trivia: Len Fairclough divorced his wife Nellie on the same day JFK was assassinated (22nd of November 1963).
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Anonymous said...

Dev and Sunita also divorced and were never formally remarried. The reasons for the divorce, a mistress and kiddies in all seven shops, all whom (except Amber) live in the same black hole as Michelle Connor's biological son.

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