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Tuesday 28 May 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Tuesday 28 May

Coronation Street, Tuesday 28th May 2013 at 9pm

THE WINDASSES THREATEN TO IMPLODE. Gary’s spent the night at the hospital but Izzy still won’t let him see his son. In the special care unit Izzy and Tina’s are by his side. Tina urges Izzy to speak to Gary, claiming she carried this baby for a couple who love each other. Izzy agrees to talk to Gary but as he begs for another chance, claiming he made mistake which he regrets, can Izzy forgive? Meanwhile Tommy comforts an emotional Tina, his re-emerging feelings for her clear. 
CARLA’S NET CLOSES IN ON ROB AND TRACY. In a bid to source more silk Michelle stumbles on a supplier who claims to have been offered the material Carla had stolen. Taking down the number of the seller it’s with a sense of foreboding that Carla dials the digits. Is she about to discover Rob’s betrayal?
CHESNEY SILENTLY STEWS AS KATY MOVES IN WITH RYAN. After a row with Owen and Izzy, Katy moves into Ryan’s. Michelle’s shocked but is forced to agree as Chesney feigns apathy. But meeting for a drink, where they agree to take things slowly, Sinead worries he’s more bothered than he’s letting on.
Elsewhere Stella insists to Dev that she and Karl are there for him. As she arranges to have dinner together on Friday a guilty Karl squirms. Egged on by Sophie and Jenna, Sally joins a dating website.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Even Inspector Clousou would realise that the stolen silk is going to be offered back to Carla. Why why why does the new producer think we want to endure all this Chesney Katie and Ryan (who always looks like he doesnt want to be there) nonsense? Its very tiresome and I doubt whether there is one viewer who is enjoying this tedious storyline.

dhvinyl said...

In the good old days a Corrie storyline was done and dusted within a couple of weeks, while over at Ambridge they took months. Now the reverse is true and it is getting VERY BORING! It's also highlighting a growing number of very bad actors on the Street. Speed it yp, guys. If you can rebuild the Rivers in 48 hours surely you can get rid of Karl, Gary and Rob before Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Steve have to be subjected to another of Ryan's girlfriends bunking in. Now we have more rolling eyes from Michelle and gurns to beat the band from Steve. Plus the baby will cry non-stop even though we never heard a peep out of him while he was at Anna's.

Anonymous said...

BTW...can someone buy Gary a pair of jeans that fit? Thos ball-huggers have go to go! The poor guy seems to be having a hard time walking!!

Anonymous said...

So Sally is dating now? Kevin thrown under the bus? Shouldn't they tie up the loose ends first or just pretend that he left to look after his ailing Dad never to return?

abbyk said...

It was so immature for Chesney and Katy to break up over one kiss. How much more ridiculous is it for Gary and Izzy, over a kiss that didn't even happen? These two are adults who have worked for a few years and planned for a child. We just finished with teenaged Chesney moaning with stubborn stupidity, now we have to hear the same dialog from 20 something Izzy? Seriously, some stories make me wonder if this show is being written by and for 12 year olds who have no concept of how life actually works.

Anonymous said...

I was just about to write the same thing, abbyk! So I'll just "ditto" your comments. :-)

~JB in Canada


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