Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fans vote Alf Roberts as their favourite grocer

Coronation Street Blog readers have voted Alf Roberts as their favourite grocer. 378 of you voted and 162 (42.86%) of you voted for Alf. I guess this is no surprise as the Corner Shop's golden age was when Alf was behind the counter between 1980 and 1994.
In second place is Fred Elliott who received 68 votes (17.99%). He owned the shop between 1997 and 1998, but the shop was managed by Maud Grimes and Ashley Peacock. In third place is current owner Dev Alahan who received 48 votes (12.7%). Reg Holdsworth occupies fourth place with 38 votes (10.05%) while his wife Maureen occupies fifth place with 18 votes (4.76%).
Renee Bradshaw/Roberts is in sixth place with 13 votes (3.44%) while Maggie Clegg is hot on her heels with 12 votes (3.17%). Florrie Lindley, the first on-screen owner of the Corner Shop, is in eighth place with 6 votes (1.59%), Brendan Scott is close behind with 5 votes (1.32%) and Irma Barlow receiving 4 votes (1.06%).
Ravi Desai received 3 votes (0.79%) while Lionel Petty only received 1 vote (0.26%). Sadly, nobody voted for David Barlow.
Happy with the results? Let's hear your thoughts!
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Anonymous said...

Yay Alf!

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased about this. Alf gave his heart and soul to the corner shop he inherited after poor Renee died in 1980, sometimes driving his third wife, Audrey, who he married in 1985, up the wall! He modernised it, retained barm cakes (because he thought they were part of the "soul" of the place) and was a lovely steady and reassuring presence behind the counter. I'm sure Bryan Mosley would be pleased at this tribute to the character he played.

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