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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Eva's magic top on Coronation Street

Having just caught up with last night's Coronation Street (from Wednesday 15 May) there's an obvious continuity error which is worth blogging. 

When Eva returned from Ibiza she was wearing an embroided cream top underneath her sparkly jacket.  She then goes into the Bistro where Stella throws her rubber gloves at her, so it wasn't too surprising to see Eva had changed into a different top later on in the episode.

But then later still, her outfit reverted to the first top she had on earlier in the shoot. 

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FJH said...

Why are you wasting a post on Eva's top when you should instead use it to talk about Gloria's new cash and how much of a further hypocrite she is for slagging Leanne about "not taking care of her family" a couple of weeks back?

Anonymous said...

Why does Stella think she is entitled to everyone else's money?

Anonymous said...

Because Stella is the greatest actress the world has ever seen and she is on the verge of sainthood. You are very lucky to be seeing her three times a week and everyday you should pray to Phil Collinson for this rare gift.

Gina said...

Eva looks like Becky in that first photo! Weird.

Anonymous said...

Think the soap should be called Stellaville - when did this little family get all the lime light? Gloria is a heel and wish she would fly back to Spain and take that spoilt barbie doll Eva with her - two peas in a pod.. Please some Silvia Rita Norris Dennis time they are crying out for some decent story lines and time -

Anonymous said...

Actually, Gina, I was thinking in the third photo she looks very like Lucy, Peter's "other" wife while he was married to Shelley.

Gina said...

she does look like Lucy there! extra weird!

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