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Thursday 30 May 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Thursday 30 May

Coronation Street, Thursday 30th May 2013 at 9pm

IZZY AND GARY FIGHT AS TINA BONDS WITH THE BABY. As Tina watches over the baby, Tommy’s concerned about her growing attachment to the child. When a strained Gary then turns up, begging Tina to let him see his son, Tommy gently urges to Tina to take a step back. As Gary approaches the incubator he’s very much the doting dad, urging his son to stay strong. But how will Izzy react when she finds Gary at the baby’s bedside and how will Tina respond to their rowing?
CARLA SETS A TRAP FOR ROB. As Tracy and Rob arrange a meeting with a buyer for the stolen silk, Carla gives her brother one last chance to come clean, asking if he has any contacts who could get hold of any silk - no questions asked. Will Rob have a change of heart or will Carla’s worst fears be confirmed?
SALLY HAS SECOND THOUGHTS ABOUT ONLINE DATING. Sally gets a text from a man through the dating agency asking her to meet for a drink, will she agree?
Elsewhere Chesney refuses to babysit Joseph for Katy so she can go for a night out on the town with Ryan.

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Dilly Daydream said...

Katy has turned out to be a shockingly bad mother ... for someone who harped on for so long about wanting a baby. Shame on her, the silly little girl.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Couldnt believe even Tracy-luv would be so daft as to firstly approach a large reputable ccmpany about the sale of the dodgy silk and then leave her real mobile number? Wouldn't Carla's number have come up when she rang her? Bonnie and Clyde? More like Dumb and Dumber.

Dilly Daydream said...

I agree Frosty, what a daft mare!

Anonymous said...

The writers all have the same idea...that we viewers are morons so they keep coming up with such stupid scenes hoping we won't catch on...dduuuhhhh

Billy Niblick said...

What larks when Sally turns up for her computer date to find it's Ken Barlow.

Lily said...

"Couldnt believe even Tracy-luv would be so daft as to firstly approach a large reputable ccmpany about the sale of the dodgy silk and then leave her real mobile number?"

I think the whole idea was to show that Tracy was out of her depth.

She's not the brightest crayon in the box on a daily basis (though she certainly likes to think she is); so being asked to phone suppliers to offload stolen goods as quickly as possible wouldn't exactly get her covert tactics to come shining through.

The thing I love about this show is that, with the exception of a few (i.e Frank Foster), the villains are all prone to human error. Unlike many American soaps where the villains are cunning, rich, evil geniuses, the 'villains' of Coronation Street are driven by selfishness, and are quite amateurish in their methods. Richard Hillman, Tony Gordon, John Stape, Kirsty Soames, Karl Munro...all have committed atrocities but have all been amateurish in their methods, and then even more so as they attempted to cover up their original crime. Each was plagued with guilt and that also made them sloppy especially towards their downfall (Kirsty lashed out at her greatest supporters, Tony's guilt stopped him from going through with killing Carla, when he hired Jimmy to kill her, and then Roy etc.) The difference with Frank was that he was not remorseful at all, and was quite cunning and calculating in his methods.

We'll apparently see Rob have a conscience tonight as he starts to feel guilty about ripping his sister off, and that will inevitably make him sloppy. Tracy (like Frank) has no remorse about her past actions (murdering Charlie, accusing Becky of causing her miscarriage), but the difference between them is simple: she's not a 'smart' villain; she always gets caught out with her lies, deception, and basic stupidity, and unlike Frank, she does not have access to a large amount of cash, which would help in acquiring a second cell phone just for this scam haha)

I don't think the writers are viewing us as 'morons', I think they are trying to show that these characters are not the kind of borderline genius villains we see on American soaps and on TV dramas. I, for one, would much rather watch a show that make us viewers go "oh for crying out loud, she used her own cell phone?..." instead of "oh yeah, as if Tracy could have access to high-security, government equipment that can alter Carla's memory via satellite signals to make her believe there was never any silk in the first place!" any day of the week. :)

Just my two cents. I'm looking forward to Carla and Peter catching Rob and Tracy red-handed.

Chatty Kathy said...

Lily, I'm American, and I don't watch US soaps for that reason.

I have always stated that Tracy is way too lacking in the brains department to be an effective villain. If it weren't for some legal technicality, she'd still be rotting in prison. It was only sheer luck that freed her.

One of her primary faults is that she purposefully rubs people the wrong way. A smart villain wants to ingratiate people, and get them on his/her side.

Tracy is too ham-handed and just plain dumb to be a master criminal. And she's too arrogant and conceited ( over what I don't know) to understand her shortcomings.

Stupidity and arrogance - not a great combination.

Lily said...

Chatty Kathy,

I'm Canadian and it's the same with me! I just can't get into the American soaps because they are so unrealistic.

I know many people don't like Tracy, but you need one resident baddie in soaps. And I enjoy watching her try and fail in her schemes, with her mother supporting her each and every time, only to be crushed when she's exposed for the horrid thing that she is.

Villain she is not...resident bitch? oh hell yeah! ;)

Chatty Kathy said...

Lily, I think of Tracy as the resident hemorrhoid. She serves no purpose, and is annoying as hell. ;)


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