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Friday 17 May 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 17 May

Coronation Street, Friday 17th May 2013 at 7.30pm

TINA AND GARY BURY THEIR AWFUL SECRET. Izzy tells Gary that she’s arranged to meet Tina for a drink and clear the air (she’s noticed that Tina looks stressed). Calling at Tina’s flat a worried Gary tells her about Tommy’s threats. Tina promises Tommy won’t say anything but as they meet in the bistro and Tommy walks in, Gary’s discomfort turns to dismay. Is he about to spill the beans?
WILL ANNA BETRAY OWEN’S WISHES? Tim breaks the news to Faye that he can’t afford to pay for her school trip. Faye’s gutted and asks Anna if she’ll lend Tim the money. Owen’s against it, insistent that Tim must learn what it means to be a parent, torn will Anna agree?
ROY SETS OFF IN SEARCH OF HIS DAD. Sylvia tracks down St. John’s old friend Mark and presents Roy with St. John’s address in Blackburn. Will Roy agree to pay St. John a visit?
Elsewhere Karl tells Gloria she’s got her priorities all wrong and should be helping her daughter in her hour of need. Calling on Owen, Gloria asks how much it would cost to finish the Rovers job and pay off Stella’s debt. Baulking at the amount will Gloria bail Stella out? As Katy and Ryan kiss outside No.6, after leaving Joseph with Anna, a hurt Chesney accuses Katy of having little interest in her son any more.

Friday 17th May 2013 at 8.30pm

GARY STRUGGLES WITH HIS CONSCIENCE. Izzy witters on about the baby as Gary and Tina do their best not to appear uncomfortable. Tina impresses on Tommy how important it is that he doesn’t breathe a word about Gary’s indiscretion. But as Izzy tells Gary what a wonderful dad he’ll make, will Gary be able to hide his guilt?
ANNA REACHES THE END OF HER TETHER. When Faye tells Anna and Owen how Tim found the money for her school trip, Owen’s suspicious and quizzes Anna. How will he react when Anna admits she funded it for Faye’s sake?
ROY RECEIVES TRAGIC NEWS ABOUT ST. JOHN. Roy and Hayley arrive at the address in Blackburn, explaining they’re looking for Roy’s father. A lady explains that she’s St. John’s wife but he died 3 months ago. Emotionally battered how will Roy react to the news?
Elsewhere when Owen berates Katy for palming Joseph off onto Anna. Katy flips and announces they’re off to stay at Ryan’s. Taken aback will Ryan agree?

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lizzieizzard said...

A Roy de javu they had on our local tv station this morning an episode from 2002 where Roy had received a phone call stating that his grandfather had just died and he was contemplating seeing his father after all these years - the circle does stay close. And how can Gloria lie straight in bed at night going off on little shopping sprees buying cashmere items and sitting there while her daughter is off scrubbing bistro floors trying to earn some money - but that's Gloria only looks after herself - I'm surprised she hasnt walked out and gone off to spain before the others found out she has some dosh in the bank.... but that's soaps for you. Will she help pay for the renovations she could be a silent partner

Frosty the Snowman said...

Gary and Tina bury their "awful" secret? What's that then that he tried to give her a kiss while feeling emotional having returned for a reunion for his dead friend? Plurrrsee, taking about over exaggeration and why is Tina acting like Lady Macbeth over it, involving the dim witted Tommy? GET OVER IT!

Anonymous said...

She might have the cash, but Gloria could NEVER be a "silent" partner!

Zagg said...

I agree Frosty. They are making WAY too much out of a kiss that NEVER happened. And dimwitted Tommy is right. He serves no purpose on this show. They should have dumped him after he dumped Tina.
They keep trying to make Tina this strong young woman, who does what's right blah blah blah. In effect, the character is the biggest dope on the show. Knowing Tommy for two months and taking on all his debt and ruining lives in the process. Not just bad writing, but really annoying writing.If she ends up going for the Gary the Ticking Time Bomb, that will be the icing on the
cake of incompetent writing.


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