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Thursday 30 May 2013

Hayley Cropper's cancer storyline revealed

There's a Coronation Street spoiler in today's Star that reveals more about the exit storyline for Hayey Cropper. It says she will be left heartbroken when she’s diagnosed with cancer.

The Star says that Corrie bosses have been working closely with cancer specialists and charities to make sure the emotional storyline is handled in the best way possible.

Hayley will be on screen until January 2014.

A show insider told The Star: “Getting the news that she’s got cancer is a massive blow. Hayley will put up a fight but whether she wins is another matter. H

er diagnosis may be fatal or she may well beat it but decide life is too short to stay in Weatherfield and head off on a globe-trotting adventure. It’s going to be heartbreaking saying goodbye to Hayley.”

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Very depressing story and she obviously doesnt "win" as we all know sadly Julie H is leaving, so all this will she survive drama is just annoying nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, poor Hayley. Hopefully Roy will stop being so harsh on her in the coming months.

Anonymous said...

Its good that they research and do these things senitive. It will be acted great ,no doubt.But when a person is going through a big fight ,like me,family and friends wont be watching as its too upsetting.Probably means most people wont watch because C affects every person in one way or another.You avoid everything about youre illness when watching tv.

John McE said...

Oh boy, this is going to be tough to watch, because Hayley is one of the few characters that people really care about.

Let's hope Julie is prepared to let them leave the door open for her. OK, going off to explore the world isn't exactly realistic, but if it meant that one day Hayley might return, then I'm all for it.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I, too, hope Hayley doesn't die. It would be quite reasonable for her to think 'life's too short' etc. Maybe Roy is part of the plan but then he backs out. Anyway, death is such a cliché exit in a soap.

Anonymous said...

Why can't a character just leave without a whole lot of drama? The cancer thing has been done so many times it comes as no surprise. Get some new material already.

Anonymous said...

Why can't they let hayley leave to go and explore the world as she has had enough of Roy and the small community. Hayley has that adventerous spirit to see the world and the only places Roy wants to go is train yards... this would be a great way for Hayley to pack her bags and leave the door open for hayley to come back at a later date.

Anonymous said...

I hope Hayley survives as I want the door to be open for a return. Whilst it's good that the new regime appears to have eschewed an explosive exit, yet again there is a lack of imagination in another cancer storyline. Why can't Hayley have heart disease, failing kidneys or a stroke? The first two could prompt people to sign up for organ donation. In the hands of Julie Hes, the latter could be a real tearjerker as H struggles to recover and them maybe suffers another fatal stroke or has to go into a home, until stem cell treatment is available to improve the condition....

Dubcek said...

I just don't understand why they don't recast the character they've done it so many times before and the world hasn't come to an end.
Why couldn't she go off to Africa again for 6 months and return and carry on?
I am sure that there are enough talented quirky actresses in the UK that would be glad to take on the part if they were given the chance.
I would be willing to bet that the cancer story line would deteriorate into some improbable end no matter what they say about working closely with whatever group the story is about.
It seems every time they say this by the time the story line has finished it has gone from highlighting a problem to a "sensational" ending that bears little resemblance to what was originally promised.

Rebecca said...

I thought they handled the cancer storyline well when Alma Baldwin died. Sure cancer stories have been done before, but how many real life communities only have one person die of cancer? I disagree with those saying the role should be recast. I know it happens from time to time on Corrie, but not like it does in the US soaps. A well loved role like Haley could never be successfully recast. Ryan has never been a particularly popular character, but the current actor is still often referred to as the new Ryan. Same thing with Nick.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope they don't kill her off. I would so love the possibility of her return one day.
And they definitely should NOT recast her.

Chatty Kathy said...

Strokes kill more people than all forms of cancer combined, but how many stroke stories have we seen on soap operas? When they do happen, it's almost always off screen, and it's a character no one knows. "X has to go visit her aunt in hospital because she's had a stroke."

As a massive stroke survivor myself, I would love to see a realistic story of a character having to learn to walk again and regain the use of the paralyzed arm, and overcome depression and fear. I'm not in any way diminishing the anguish of cancer because I have seen what it does in my own family. But we have seen many cancer stories on TV.

A stroke storyline could also help educate people about prevention and treatment. There are many smokers on Corrie, and characters drink too much and eat very unhealthily. This could also be addressed.

Hayley could have had a massive stroke as I did, and recover through therapy and hard work. Then she could decide to go off and travel the world when she recovers. Or if TPTB want to kill her off, she can step in front of a bus or fall down the stairs.

Someone posted that watching cancer stories is too painful for many people. On the other hand, I would love to see a well done stroke story.

I think TPTB missed a good opportunity to show a different illness and perform a public service at the same time.

ChiaGwen said...

I'm not liking this. Way too sad and emotional especially heaped on top of the way too sad and emotional feeling we have just from the fact that she is leaving the show. The acting will be brilliant but I'm not sure I can watch...I want Hayley to be able to return some day. :(

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, most communities have more than one person die of cancer, but they also have people who die of pneumonia, strokes, heart disease too. It's not that long since Sally had breast cancer and I agree with chatty Kathy and others that the programme should show more imagination.

Clare said...

Although I can see why many people might think this is unoriginal or an easy way to write out Hayley I think it highlights how horribly common cancer claims lives. I would hate for Hayley and Roy to split so her death was really the only way I could stomach her leaving. I know I am going to need plenty of tissues at the ready when the time comes.

suemorton said...

Aw well I hope they have her decide life's too short and goes travelling, that way it leaves the door open for Julie to return at somepoint if she so chooses - but then, I agree, I wouldn't want her see leave Roy........decisions decisions! Either way, I'm sure she'll get a memorable send off.


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