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Monday, 27 May 2013

Lisa Stansfield turned down role of Stella in Coronation Street

The fabulous Lisa Stansfield revealed this weekend that she was offered the part of Stella Price on Corrie.

In an interview in the Sunday Mirror, Lisa goes on to say that because of the length of the contract she was unable to accept - what a shame! With that broad Rochdale accent and huge fan base, Lisa and Corrie would have gone perfectly together.

The Mirror says that Lisa was also concerned at how Corrie fans would react, saying: “You get into a role and people see you as that ­character, so they’d be confused because they know me as Lisa Stansfield. It would freak them out if I was pulling pints at the Rovers.”

Michelle Collins subsequently took the part. It has been said on this Blog before that the character hasn't been a great success - partly I think because of the fondness we have for the Rovers, and Stella was of course an unknown taking over the pub, and partly because of her dreadful accent, which is getting slightly better now, but its a shame they couldn't have stuck with Lisa and got The Real Thing.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, but how could they have "stuck with Lisa" if, due to her schedule, she was unable to accept the job? Who else was under consideration?

Anonymous said...

I think you underestimate how many people don't mind Stella & the Price clan.....they just don't continuously post about it!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Sorry, Anon, I do mind Stella and co, but I accept she may be popular with some people, just as Tracy apparently is. The joy I extracted from the article was that it was a three year commitment. Hopefully, the new contract MC has till April 2014will be her last. In dramatic terms, it makes sense, as well. Stella would probably want to leave Weatherfield once Karl has been exposed.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Anon. I don't have any problem with her or her clan. And the Karl story is a good, if frustrating, one.

Anonymous said...

I love Stella and Co i think they were a great addidition and still are!

I Know Lisa Maxfield was up for the running shes now a loose woman and was on the Bill.


njblas said...

Perhaps the producers felt Lisa wouldn't be able to do a convincing accent?:)

Al Gore said...

I think you mean Lisa Max-WELL, Bobby. Shame either of these two didnt get the role but then Ms Collins was a personal friend of the producer so nepotism reigns.

Anonymous said...

Would Lisa have had a beige wardrobe?

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