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Sunday 26 May 2013

Corrie Weekly Awards: May 20 - 24

Moaning Minnie/Whining Wendy award: Tracy and Rob. Chesney. Ryan. Gary. Katy. Change the bloody record.

Dogsbody Award: Peter doesn't care that Rob updated the shop, he's still making him to the grunt work.

Whose job is it anyway? award: Wouldn't the leasing company be responsible for the broken coffee machine? Why would Rob as the customer even be allowed to mess with it if it's malfunctioning?

Goose is cooked award:
The secret of Gary and Tina is bound to come out.

Appropriately named award: There's probably a good reason why they're called DUMBbells. At least where Chesney and his motives are concerned.

Self Destruction award: Chesney is trying to get fit. And then has a beer before his date, which he's probably nervous about.

Not a Big Deal award: Low key opening of the pub includes champagne and balloons, if Gloria has her way.

Feckless Fella award: Karl has never worked as hard as he has these past two weeks. He's probably never worked hard in his life.

Sense of Entitlement award: Gloria wants a guided tour of the pub/building site in the middle of the high pressure to finish before Sunday. Go away.

Well, Duh award: Dev is surprised to consider that Aadi might feel as messed up inside as he does.

Lines of the week:
Roy "I had the distinct impression that the only reason you'd want to visit his grave is to dance on it"
Sylvia "You wonder how a nation that is so fond of analysing itself can end up such a mess"
Chesney "I don't need cheering up ALLRIGHT!!!"
Rita to Norris "Isn't it funny that the things folk are most interested in are generaly NONE of their business" (but Norris will never change)
Roy to Craig "Do you think it's going to develop little legs and take itself to the nearst bin?"
Beth to Sinead about men "They're all interested, just some are better at hiding it than others"
Rob to Carla "No need to bite her head off" Carla "Sorry, force of habit"
Steve "Women like to know who's boss, you got to show 'em the trou.....sers" (as Michelle walks up...wearing trousers)
Carla to Peter "You've got a built in Tracy Barlow lie detector?" Peter "Yes, in full working order, new batteries"
Rob "Did you really murder your ex?" Tracy "Does it really matter?... I have never murdered anyone I liked" (that wouldn't make me feel better)
Rita to Dennis "Do you know what a mojo is?" Dennis "a cocktail?" (that's Mohito!)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

No way to treat a lady award: Chesney being utterly rude to poor Sinead and then expecting her to act like a tart and go back to his place and sleep with him? Yeuch, he really is a very unpleasant young man. Sinead love you deserve far better than the ginger whinger – how about our Jason, he is free?

Missed opportunity award: As Frosty put previously, why hasn’t there been scenes in the Weathy Arms with the landlady Debbie who was brought to the fore a few months ago with the five aside football teams? There could have been mileage in this but instead it’s everyone crowding into the tiny expensive Bistro and umpteen scenes with the ghastly Price coven. Do they ever stop eating and drinking?

Get over yourself award: Tina making such a song and dance and SHOUT about Gary’s rather silly and pathetic ‘pass’. Pointless lap dog Tommah of course hangs on her every word.

Abducted by aliens award: Where is “Mand”, she hasn’t been seen or mentioned for months, since before the Rovers fire.

Character ruination award; quite liked Rob and thought he had potential but instead they turned him into a first rate moaner and teamed him up with Gums Barlow – the worst actor on the show.

Holier than thou award: Katie, preaching to Gary and Tina when she went off with Ryan and left her kid. Thank goodness Tina marked her card. She may be pretty but she really is one thick little annoyance.

Fastest builders in the west award: Owen and Gary who is not even a proper builder – along with liability Karl – have changed the Rovers from a shell to a pub ready for opening with décor chosen and done, pumps with beer, spirits in optics and living accommodation inside a week – anyone got their phone number?

Pointless character of the week award: Michelle – why exactly is she still around apart from to roll her eyes, pose and hold mugs of coffee?

Anonymous said...

Rather be anwhere but here...Ryan..this bloke delivers his lines as if he were ordering a cheese sandwich..looks totally bored with the whole shebang. Time to go. Boy, did they cast a lemon when they brought him in as the new Ryan. I don't think the actor himself is a bad guy, but he doesn't fit..IMO anyway.

Mother knows best..Sylvia..taking care of her litte boy Roy. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

Frosty as usual very well said. I can never get over how Corrie characters get jobs they have never been properly trained for - Tommy at the garage, Gary as a builder, Jason as a builder, and the corker for me David as a hairstylist, Michelle as an Office Manager, Gail as a medical receptionist. None of these people took any proper training or courses that I was ever aware of. I remember Gail working at the café taking one computer course and then we are expected to believe she is qualified to be a medical secretary??? The sadest of all is Jenna who is a University Trained Physiotherapist who works along side Sophie (did she even finish secondary school?) Jenna needs to find a job related to her qualifications somewhere off the street.

Joseph said...

Idiots award: Stella and Gloria announce the opening date of the pub BEFORE checking with the builders that it'll be alright.


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