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Thursday 23 May 2013

Could Gloria be glorious?

Yes, it's the question on the lips of the nation. Well maybe not but it did occur to me the other night that we may possibly be witnessing the re-birth of Boria Price as something far more glorious.

A lot of the dissatisfaction with the Gloria character may stem from the high regard in which people hold the actor Sue Johnston. Certainly this blogger anticipated the character with great interest but in my own mind, I'd assembled someone who was three parts Sheila Grant to one part Barbara Royle. In essence, I'd prepared myself for some warm-hearted, late middle-aged northern woman, dispensing common sense and sharp one-liners. Therein lay the disappointment. Instead, we gasped at the bo-ho, ill-mannered, unlikeable harridan who stormed on to t'cobbles and upset the regulars. What was there to warm to? A charmless mother of a character no one seemed to like.

With hope in our hearts, we now look on to see that the influence of Stuart Blackburn may have made inroads into Gloria. In recent episodes she seems to have softened. Her voice is a little lighter and she appears to be interacting with other residents in a much more positive manner. It never really made any sense in having an actor of Sue Johnston's calibre and foisting some hateful old bag of a character on her. As with Stephanie Cole, there is a wealth of talent and experience to be utilised. We have already witnessed some Corrie gold thanks to the Sylvia/Roy/Hayley storyline of recent days. The joy of these scenes however, does tend to make the efforts of others look decidedly ropey which is a pity.

Bringing Gloria in out of the cold could be a very clever move. With a stronger, more likable maternal figure at the head of the Price family, there is always the possibility that the character of Stella can be rescued and that Eva can blossom. Leanne's starting to feel like a lost cause so let's leave her out of the equation.

Having much-loved actors like Sue involved in Corrie should always be seen as a positive. I feel she was not served well by the Gloria of old. Here's hoping Uncle Stuart has rescued her and that Gloria's glory days are yet to come.

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Chilli Sauce said...

Gloria and Rob will have a fling. Corrie will explore intergenerational love and the effects it has on a family. Eva will be devastated. Stella is try to do what she knows best- play peacemaker. Tracy will not this lying down. expect explosive twists. Viewers should prepare for the long haul because Rob and Gloria will prove everyone by being happy.

ChiaGwen said...

They must be re-vamping her...she asked Rita to the opening party at the Rover's....God, the woman couldn't have been more snippy and vile to Rita in the she's all smiles and warmth and Rita accepts which was a surprise given her past treatment at the hands of Boria.

Anonymous said...

The unmasking of Karl as a murderer would be the perfect opportunity to remake the role of Gloria. She could step up as the strong central character who picks up the pieces of her shattered family. Realizing how wrong she was about Karl could lead to her questioning other aspects of her behaviour.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Gloria hasn't, up till now, been successful because most of her scenes have been with the family, notably Stella. Apart from being tedious,it hasn't been realistic. Surely Gloria would have made some kind of friendships with women her own age, Sylvia, for example. I hate the family sagas in Corrie eg: the Platts, the Prices, the Websters. We need more community interaction.

Ida Reign said...


Anonymous said...

I like Gloria. I understood why she did not want to hand over the money right away to Stella. Let's face it Stella is quick to disown her mom when the mood strikes. BTW did we actually see Stella say thank you to dear old mum for the bail out??
How about having Stella move off to a deserted island with Karl and Gloria run the Rovers with Eva. Both of these characters are likeable while Stella - well I have tried to like her - I gave her a good shot....but between her and vile Leanne....well I have given up on that. lol

Frosty the Snowman said...

I am afraid the character of St Ella the Expressionless is now beyond redemption, everyone has had more than enough of her and its too late for her to make her 'mark' and be the Corrie icon that bessie mate Phil Collinson was constantly pushing her to. I think that while Boria is interacted into every scene with this boring beige lady then this will tarnish her as well. She needs to get away from Stella and Karl and have more interaction with people in the Street. She and Eva would make a good double act but she needs to lose that ghastly pair.

Glenda Young said...

Spot on David, you've summed up everything I've been thinking about Gloria / Sue Johnston / Sheila Grant.

njblas said...

I haven't given up hope on the redemption of Gloria. Hopefully the character is starting to turn a corner into becoming a more nuanced and likeable presence. It's not too late, but it does surprise me that TPTB have taken so long to identify that the character wasn't working!


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