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Tuesday 28 May 2013

Wedding bells for Peter and Carla on Corrie?

There's paparazzi pictures online of Coronation Street filming of Peter and Carla - outside a jewellry shop in Manchester.

The pics show Carla dragging Peter into the ring shop by his tie but he's got a smile on his face so he's not objecting too much, it seems.

The Mail Online have the pics - check them out here.

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Anonymous said...

Happy ending for those two....hope not.

Petsaah said...

Thanks for posting! I'm looking forward to these scenes. To be honest, I find Peter and Carla compulsive viewing.

If they are getting married, I hope the wedding will be a beautiful Corrie one and not a disaster for the sake of 'drama'. If it has to be full of drama, then please don't make us sit through any repetition Corrie. I'm hoping Stuart Blackburn has some new ideas. Phil Collinson always used to say he loved Carla and Peter together and to be fair, he did have them involved in some brilliant storylines, but towards the end, he just had them going round in circles and there was no point to any of it. Which is a shame because PC is the one who brought them together in such a compelling way. Their friendship/relationship was just a joy to watch.

New storylines for them please and keep them together.

Anonymous said...

Carla drags Peter in the shop by his tie? LOL now that I do have to see.

Have to laugh, whenever Alison and Chris are filming together they're always laughing or giggling and they seem to always have hot water bottles! It's almost June haha

Humpty Dumpty said...

Sick as I am of all the kiddies on the show, it seems par for the course that Carla will get pregnant. The reluctant, older mum trying to keep a grip on her career should be interesting, though. Simon will be jealous, and so will Leanne.

David Parsnips said...

Yes lets have another wedding that is called off at the last minute or there is some kind of showdown in the middle of!

Anonymous said...

I, know. I, know. Carla and Peter get married, then Leanne walks in with her unsigned divorce decree. He is now officially a two-time bigamist. The police walk in close behind. Little Simon shouts out "Dad! Dad! Dad! where are you going." Instead of blaming Leanne he lashes out at Carla. They go home, Simon hits the bottle and burns down the flat. Nothing like this has ever been seen on Corrie before.

Scott said...

I am inclined to agree with Humpty, a pregnancy storyline for Carla seems likely. If not this year, then next year.

Hasn't Peter been off the booze for a year now? Him and Carla are always heading for bedroom! They are obviously supposed to be having a very active sex life and Peter is even giving parenting advice to Dev.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, hate Peter/Carla stuff, bores me to tears. Watching Peter and Carla snogging on the street is up there with watching St.Ella dominate the programme. I hope Leanne gets a happy ending and has a baby of her own, however Nick and her will probably split up soon so I doubt it will happen.

Anonymous said...

I love Carla/Peter. Drama always follows them but I think it's time they had a bit of happiness.

I would also like to see Carla make some progress with Simon.

Mad Hatter said...

Great news, but no doubt something will happen to screw it up, such as scorn faced Leanne.

Anonymous said...

No way. Leave them as they are. They're better suited just shacking up. Peter is not husband soon as he's tied down he'll be on the prowl again.

Anonymous said...

I am sort of with the anonymous above on this one! In my opinion, Peter and Carla are brilliant as they are.

Peter has found someone who he can be himself with. Carla is his best friend. He's not drinking so he finally has some control over his life and he's obviously a better father to Simon.

I remember when Carla and Peter first started interacting with each other in 2010 (just before the Tram Crash), and there was an undeniable connection between them. This is what I wish the writers would focus on. There was a brilliant scene recently, when Carla talked to Peter about her childhood and about her relationship with Rob - Peter sat there, listened to her and supported her. I loved everything about that scene and the connection between them is superb. The actors are fantastic and quite frankly, it would be a shame if the writers sacrificed everything they've built up just to create a big dramatic wedding that will soon be forgotten about but leads to Peter and Carla splitting up.

As we all know in soaps 9 times out of 10 the couple get married and it's the beginning of the end or the wedding goes wrong after one of them cheats. It would be such a shame if that happened to Peter and Carla. There are certainly no other soap couples like them, so I just hope Stuart Blackburn wants to make the most of them and not ruin a fascinating relationship.

Anyway this wedding talk is just media speculation. Nothing has been confirmed.


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