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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Vote for Corrie's best mum - Sally & Anna

As you will hopefully have seen, on Monday I launched my first poll on the Coronation Street Blog. I hope you've all been voting! So far we've had an amazing 300 votes, but there's still time to make your mind up. In order to help you make up your minds on your favourite Corrie mum, I've been posting blogs on the contenders this week, highlighting some of their strengths and weaknesses! I shall try to take an even handed approach (not easy!) 

So moving on from Stella and Audrey, we come to our final two contenders:  Sally Webster and Anna Windass!

She knows what to do with a fish finger
Let's start by taking a look at lovely Sally Webster. When Sally Seddon first arrived in January 1986, Hilda Ogden tried to warn young Kevin off as apparently the Seddon's were a family on the wrong side of the tracks. Perhaps this is why our Sal has spent her life as the Hyacinth Bucket of Coronation Street. She has always seen herself as a cut above, in the Annie Walker style. From pushing Kevin on to expand his business, to pushing daughter Rosie to attend private school, Sally is never content with her lot in life. Mother to airhead model Rosie and christian lesbian Sawphie, Sally truly has a lot to be grateful for when it comes to her children (!)

For many years Sally was the ideal image of motherhood. The baked beans and fish fingers were always on the table on time. And then naughty Kevin had an affair with the scarlet woman Natalie Horrocks and all hell broke loose. I could try to list all the men Sally has had flings with but this is a blog, not a novel. Suffice to say all the comings and goings upset the equilibrium of Webster family life. In recent years Sally has survived another bout of Kevin's infidelity, breast cancer and the departure of daughter Rosie. And now she has to cope with Gail as a lodger! Let's look at Sally's strengths and weaknesses:

Oh put them away, Rosie!
1. She always knows what to do with a tin of baked beans. 2. She has supported her daughters no matter what they throw at her. 3. She is the only Street resident with a conservatory. Annie Walker would be envious.

1. She's had more men than I've had fish fingers. 2. She gave the world Rosie Webster. 3. She is particularly good at backing the wrong side in any situation...Frank Foster anyone?

I feel sorry for Faye here!
Now we come to our last contender, Anna Windass. When the Windass family first arrived on the Street in 2008 they were an unruly bunch. There was grubby Eddie, wayward son Gary and the other rather menacing one who soon disappeared. Initially they caused lots of trouble for the McIntyre's, which inevitably led to Joe's sad demise in Lake Windermere. TIna's rather forgotten that now she's Gary and Izzy's surrogate. I digress! The Windass family were soon softened to make them Corrie friendly. Anna became a warm character, working in the cafe with Roy and bonding with Fiz and Chesney amongst others. 

When Anna decided she wanted to foster a child, this was too much for Eddie, who soon left. Looking back Eddie was probably wise to do so now we've seen little Faye start to grow up! What a nightmare! Anyway, Anna has taken her duties as mother to Faye very seriously, even if this task is frequently hampered by her new bullyboy boyfriend, Owen. Anna is also like a mother to Owen's two daughters Izzy and Katy. She has been particularly supportive of son Gary and Izzy as they try for a baby with the help of Tina McIntyre. So what are Anna's strengths and weaknesses as a mother?
What do you mean you burnt the cakes?!
1. She gave us the lovely Gary Windass. 2. She brought us the much-missed Eddie and his gift for cake making. 3. She tries to be a good mother to not only her own son but every other ginger on the Street (not including Rita).

1. She allowed Eddie to leave Weatherfield. 2. She swapped Eddie for the 'orrible Owen. 3. She hasn't yet decided to send foul Faye off with her real dad.

We need more of this Mr Blackburn!
So there we go. Let me know what you think about Sally and Anna by leaving a comment below. 

And don't forget to vote for your favourite Coronation Street Mum before the winner is revealed on Sunday 10 March. 

So that's me blogged about all the contenders in this poll - I will blog a quick reminder again before the winner is given the fanfare they deserve on Mother's Day! Thanks to everyone who has voted so far, and if you haven't yet, why not?!

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Now, this isn't fair! Anna's only been on the Street five minutes and hasn't been subjected to a personality transplant courtesy of desperate writers. Sally, like Gail, has been around forever and the writers have had a field day with her. I'm quite sure that Sally would be a perfect mum if the writers would stop interfering in her life! It's also hard to be objective and say that a character who is irritating in the extreme is a good mum. So it's got to be Sally.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Nobody said it had to be fair Humpty ;)

Anonymous said...

What can you say about a mother who prostitutes herself so that her daughter can attend private school? While she may be socially any better than the rest, I do think Sally has been mistreated as far her capabilities go. She has demonstrated admin skills far beyond her education and her training as a knicker stitcher.

Anonymous said...

If she was a good mother she would encorage Sophie to do something with her life other than dating a woman way older than her and working part time in a corner shop. Sophie should be encouraged to further her education and work somewhere else besides the Knicker Factory or Dev's shop.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Well said anonymous!

ChiaGwen said...

Just because Anna (whom I'm sure is doing all that clicking!) is way ahead of Audrey, I'm not voting for her. Sally it is....but I'm still voting for Audrey.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Haha I'm not sure she is but it's making me laugh just thinking about it! I did tweet her to tell her she was in the lead (the actress that is) but she didn't tweet me back :(

Anonymous said...

I know he's not a mom, but Tyrone gets my vote. He loves Ruby so much. You have to be kidding about Sally and Gail. They're the worst. Gail can't let her sons go and will do whatever it takes to keep them tied to her apron strings, and Sally, after what she said to Tyrone about getting help because she believes he hits Kirsty. After all they went through with Kevins affair and her breast cancer. Shame on her. She's the one who needs help.


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