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Sunday 4 November 2012

Looking back at 12 months of Corrie: January 2012

Now then, I'm no fan of end of year reviews but as a) it's not yet the end of the year and b) it's Coronation Street which I love, I thought I'd take a look back at this year month by month over the coming weeks in the run up to Christmas.

But rather than blog a synopsis of everything that happened (you can get that at the Corrie weekly updates website and our blogger Tvor's State of the Street for each month) what I'll do is write down my highlights and lowlights for each month of the year so far.  These are my own personal likes and dislikes for Corrie so do chip in with your own and remind me of anything I've missed that happened during each month too.

So here we go with the first one, for January 2012.  


Sally Webster falling for freaky Frank Foster despite her knowing the rape rumours, and telling everyone: "I'm a good judge of character".  Oh, how we laughed. 

Frank's rape trial begins and the truth about Peter and Carla's bonk-fest comes out.

Tyrone and Kevin shake hands and start speaking to each other after months of being too hurt, too proud, too macho to forgive and forget.
Faye kills Owen's fish by chucking creosote in the fish pond, forcing Anna to realise she has more on her hands than she first thought with little FAYe. And more than she bargained for with Owen, who hits FAYe.

Steve and Tracy get married. Becky keeps tight-lipped at the ceremony but lets rip at the reception saying: "Revenge is all the more sweeter now he's chained to the cow." That's when she waves Tracy's medical records and drops the bombshell about Tracy losing the twins by falling down the stairs
Becky leaves and flies off to Barbados with Danny and his kid, leaving Max with Kylie.

Eileen becomes a carer for Paul's wife, Lesley who has early-onset Alzheimer's Disease.

Tyrone wonders why cop girlfriend Kirsty's always in a bad mood. It's too much for Tina, she moves out of No. 9, convinced that Kirsty is out to get her.

Milton arrives from America and takes a shine to Sylvia, much to Roy's surprise. "He actually appears to like her!" 


Sunita starts work as a barmaid in the Rovers Return after handing in her notice to Dev in the Corner Shop. Sunita behind the bar just didn't work, did it?

Norris and Sylvia battling it out in the music competition at the Rovers Return. 

Steve splitting No. 13 in half with Tracy and Amy living upstairs and him downstairs.

Monthly count of people St Ella took through to the back room of the Rovers:  653

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Anonymous said...

2012 was the year that I finally stopped watching Coronation Street after 40 years. Mainly because I thought nearly all of your highlight were lowlights. The rape story was dreadful, both Sally and Kevin have had a bad year with little to do and no character development, Becky's exit was a damp squib and Robert Vaughan was completely wasted. Even the development of Anna/Owen/Faye's relationship which could have been good has been forgotten in the ridiculous surrogacy storyline.

Anonymous said...

It was dismal. The surrogacy storyline that just won't go away, Karl and Sunita getting jiggy all over the place (blech), Tracy's fake pregnancy.
Who is Faye? She's been relegated to the upstairs for the rest of her life I guess. Go and put your jamjams on and I'll be up in a minute..except she never goes upstairs (Anna)
The hot-pot ridiculousness and the way Stella was front and centre throughout..
Gail with her tunic and clean-up basket popping in and out of Nick's loo do drop some wise-crack to whomever happens to be within ear shot.

Loved Gail and Audrey getting lost and finding Lewis in the pub.
Kirkeh finding love with Beth..
Tyrone getting his a$$ handed to him on a platter by his loving wife.

Will someone please hold Kevin down and shave that thing off his face? I'd call it a moustache but that would be cruel (to moustache sporters everywhere)...makes him look 10 years older.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Some storylines were both highs and lows. The Alzheimer story was brilliantly delivered by Lesley and she had great chemistry with Paul, but it was ruined by the unlikely shenanigans between Paul and Eileen right under Lesley's nose.

What I will remember about 2012 is that it was the year the writers decided "it's only a soap, authenticity doesn't matter." They've made characters behave in an unbelievable way (Sunita) and played around with legalities. Tptb spout on about getting their facts right on domestic abuse and then blow the story apart by ignoring the truth that Tyrone only has to get a court order to force a dna test.

The best storyline in 2012 for me was Peter/Leanne/Carla. Chris Gascoyne does a really convincing drunk and he and Alex Bain have terrific rapport. There are too many contenders for worst storyline. They have wasted wonderful opportunities by not using to the full such actors as: Sue Johnston, Robert Vaughn, Stephanie Cole, Philip Lowrie, Nigel Havers.

When I first joined this blogsite, some posters responsed to critical comments by saying: "Every soap has its ups and downs." I don't see that response made nearly as much in recent months. I get a sense that the writers and their bosses have run out of steam. Let's hope quality returns in 2013.

ChiaGwen said...

Agree about the Alzheimer story - that the actress who portrayed Lesley was brilliant - however ruined by the nauseating giggly get togethers of Eileen and pukey Paul a mere three feet from his suffering wife. Loved the Becky ending in the Rovers where she crushed Steve and Tracy though the story leading up to it was a bit iffy. Did the Mark/Marcia story happen with the last year? For me that had to be one of the worst concoctions for a story - probably meant to be serious but unfailingly ludicrous and cringeworthy. The number one spot for worst storyline is Stella helping to go through Betty's things after her death - just wrong on so many levels and it sealed Stella's fate in my mind - get rid.

njblas said...

ChiaGwen, you are so right. Having the Beige One shoe-horned into centre-stage in Betty's exit storyline was outrageous. They had never even met! A misguided attempt to try and convince us that Stella is now integral to the heart of the Street, it was disrespectful to the memory of Betty Driver, and treated the viewers like idiots.

Sam J said...

Peter and Carla's relationship has been the highlight for me.


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