Sunday, 24 June 2012

Corrie weekly awards: June 18 - 22

 Crosby Stills and Nash award: Gold Star: If Eva couldn't be with the one she loved... but she couldn't love the one she was with either and he knew it.
Hollow Victory star: Dev might have "won" but it's only because Sunita was rejected by Karl and Eva has it all figured out.

Deaf as a post award: How come Neither Tracy, Beth or Craig heard the estate agent knocking that sign up onto the bricks?

Undermining award: Karl is most definitely pouring poison into both Stella and Eva's ear. He's got Eva on side and she'll push her mother to get Sunita out. Stella pouring poison in Leanne's ear about Peter spending time with Simon.

Soap Cliche award: Scupper the house viewing with a messy, smelly house and bad behaviour.

Over compensating award: She can barely stand to be in the same room as Dev. So she goes back to him because Karl has rejected her and asks Dev to marry her!

Guilt Trip award: Peter thinks giving Simon to Leanne is the same as Ken sending him away to Glasgow after his mother died.

Overcompensation award: Having a baby with Carla isn't going to replace the Simon shaped hole in Peter's heart.

Beatification award: Maybe the Powers that Be are reading the blogs. St. Ella actually referred to herself, sarcastically, as Saint Stella! She must be a saint, though, she took him back.

Lines of the Week:
Karl "You're mother's a sucker for a sob story" Eva "Sunita gives damn good sob"
Stella about Dev "He'll cherish you to death." (for about 5 minutes)
Stella "I wanted to change the world. I wanted to change you. Now I just want to change the locks!"
Leanne "Addiction I can cope with, I'm not keeping the bed warm for another woman."
Stella "You know me. 'Saint Stella'" (Wait a minute...)

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Anonymous said...

Great awards, they really make me laugh!


Rachel said...

It was the fabulous Jonathan Harvey who wrote the line about St Stella! Also wondered if he was playing a drinking game with all the "Come in the back"s.

Anonymous said...

Not so dumb after all. Jason saw right through Eva and left her with the cheque. Good on him.
I have not one bit of sympathy for Sunita and really hope the writers have a dismal end for this character ie. Dev finding out the truth and booting her to the curb and all.

Dolly Tubb said...

Rachel - I thought exactly the same! I'd've been under the table if I'd had a port and lemon every time St Ella summoned the hoipolloi through t'back!! The Rovers will be needing a new bit of lino after all that toing snd froing. I reckon there was a bit of a running joke there with the 'St Stella' reference, perhaps the writers have got a sense of humour after all.

Anonymous said...

One can hope that TPTB read this blog, there will be hope that characters like Sunita and Sean will get the boot!

Rowan Mayfaire said...

wow, maybe they are reading the blog, that means, maybe they'll take the advice to lay off on the St(ella) a bit!

Cobblestone said...

Carla having a baby - that struck me as a potentially interesting direction for an intrinsically non-maternal character. Wonder how it would change her?

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