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Friday, 2 March 2012

Coronation Street episode review, Thursday March 1

So Peter Barlow is back on the booze - again - after a day from hell. A man from the Gambling Commission called  to investigate his bookmakers after it had received a complaint. Peter suspected it was Karl who was the whistleblower but he denied it. "I'm no grass".  Peter's splintering domestic life was under even more strain and ended up in a row at the Rovers where Simon  told him he hated him and father Ken warned him not to take out his troubles on "that little boy". Meanwhile, Leanne has decided to stay in Coronation Street - lodging at the Rovers for now - so she can be there for Simon. 
Parachuted-in new character, rag trade businesswoman Jenny, who is secretly in cahoots with and having an affair with Frank, dropped into the factory to  make Carla an offer to set up on her own with Jenny as her main client. Little did Carla know that Jenny is actually working with Frank to trick  her, Carla,  out of ownership of Underworld.
Frank's passive-aggressive mother Anne caught Frank and Jenny together, exchanging a kiss after their night of passion but he resisted her pleas to tell her what he was up to "over a glass of wine". She's even started to feel sorry for the increasingly bewildered Sally, who still hasn't quite got the message that Frank wants to be rid of her mumsy adoration. 
Lewis, who is exhuding more apparent genuine penitence than one of the saints,  got off with community service from the court for his bookies fraud.  It can only be a matter of time before the ever-softening Audrey succumbs to his floppy haired charms once again, much to the dismay of the still hostile and mistrustful Gail. 
Deirdre admired young Craig's hidden skills as a pot-maker  - nearly as a good as his skills as an unnerving glarer - could a friendship develop there? While scheming Tracy attempted to mollify Beth over her failed seduction attempt  on Steve McDonald, claming he was shy but with hidden amorous depths. "He's been married more time than Elizabeth Taylor." Beth replied: "Who's Elizabeth Taylor? Is she after our Steve?" Surely even Beth would have heard of Elizabeth Taylor!
The countdown to  Frank's murder begins...

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Llifon said...

Last night's ep was great! The mix of drama and comedy. Had to rewind the scene with the Barlows and the Tinkers. Deirdre and Craig and Ken and Beth (She's charming!) were gold! :)

Anonymous said...

Last night was good - some comedy, some drama - all played excellently by everyone.
I agree - Beth not hearing of Liz Taylor is absurd.

~JB in Canada

Frosty the Snowman said...

Loving the downfall of Carpet, each of them obsessed with themselves and their pathetic problems. Er why should it be odd that Beth hadnt heard of Liz Taylor? Some people dont even know who the Prime Minister is, let alone an actress famous in yesteryear.

Anonymous said...

How many times is the Peter alcoholic storyline going to play out? I guess the introduction of Beth and her creepy kid are so that we can watch Steve's facial expressions that are beyond ridiculous. Him and Tracy trying to out 'goofy face' each other. I think the producers have asked grade school kids to come up with stories for this show because they're all out of ideas.


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