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Friday, 16 October 2009

Shoes Are Forever: Thu Oct 15, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Lucy Gannon, directed by Stuart Davids.

Umed decides to play fairy-godmother this episode and help Teresa out. He offers her a job opportunity to sell her prized curries to the kebab shop in an attempt to re-vamp the place to increase sales. He also helps mend the rift between her and Lloyd, giving her a place to crash for yet another night. It's one day at a time for our Teresa.

Lloyd is still upset over losing Lady Liz and continues to leave multiple messages on her phone. Teresa can see that he's upset over what has happened, and decides to take it upon herself to go to Liz herself and tell Liz that she took advantage of Lloyd, so as to help him out. This doesn't work, Liz will not forgive.

Helen surprises Maria with the Connor Family christening gown. All the Connor children have worn it for their christenings, even Ryan. Maria insists, with the help of Tony and Michelle, that she will have baby Liam wearing the new christening outfit that she picked out for him already, end of. Tensions abound as Helen and Barry are stuck in the past, Tony is stuck on the outside, and Maria is stuck in the middle. Maria is at her wits end and takes up Tony on his offer of moving out until the Connors have left. Tony wonders if she wants him to leave permanently.

At Underworld, Luke is still fuming on the phone with his lawyers over his money situation. Later, he sees Rosie at the pub showing off her spoils from a shopping day, and the wheels in his head start turning. He manages to wine, dine (and probably 69) Rosie regardless of her trying to resist him. I wonder how he's going to come up with a solution to his money troubles? Three guesses, first two don't count.

Kevin and Molly meet again at their "usual" place - The Adulterer's Discount Inn. Kevin wants to go away again on a trip with Molly, but Molly says they can't because it's too suspicious. Plus, it's her birthday next week and Tyrone probably has something planning. Darn husband and his planning a birthday surprise! Can we spare these two and their torrid affair for one episode?

- Teresa and her "belongings" sleeping in Dev's shop. Her "belongings" consisting of whatever can fit into a trash bag. I'm thinking it's full of liquor-stained, cigarette-tainted clothing, and ketchup.
- Liz prodding Teresa out of the back room at the Rovers. These two really love to shove each other!
- Lloyd relenting and letting Teresa sleep the night on his couch. He is a good guy.
- Michelle for helping Maria out over the christening gown conflict. Someone needs to hold that woman at bay!

- Lloyd telling off Teresa and blaming her for the riff between he and Liz. It's not her fault! It takes two to tango, and from what I can recall, Lloyd was the one taking the lead.
- Mammy Connor constantly giving Maria slights - "You didn't order the flowers already?" She should have put them in a hotel!
- Helen being utterly bereft over Liam, but no word about Paul. Remember Paul, Helen? Your first born son? He only died not to long ago either!
- That leechy Luke using Rosie again for her money! Just pitiful. Even if Rosie is a snot, and never deserved the money to begin with.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


John said...

Why did Theresa sleep on the sofa - doesn't Lloyd have a spare room? Otherwise, where did Vernon sleep when he shared the flat?

Unknown said...

Probably on the sofa. Perhaps it's a sofa-bed?

Clare said...

Hahahaha your wine dine and 69 comment made me snort with laughter.


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