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Friday, 23 October 2009

Going Nowhere: Thu Oct 22, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Martin Allen, directed by Duncan Foster.

Tony is about as stressed-out as I've ever seen a person look, and with good reason. He's got Carla's threat looming over his head as he tries to make the decision whether or not to stay in Weatherfield and face the consequences, or to leave. Adding to his stress is the fact that he's just realized that Luke Strong has flown the coop with Rosie's money. It's not easy being evil. Tony finally gets himself to the church on time for baby Liam's funeral only for Carla to meet him there and threaten to run into the church and tell everyone the truth about Liam's death. Tony manages to persuade her to meet him at the factory later where he'll sign over his share to the factory and leave town for good. Only we know Tony never goes down without a fight and gets on the phone promptly to Jimmy to let him know that Carla's back. Uh-oh.

Rosie's still understandably upset about losing her money and comes to the realization that Luke was only using her for her money. If you thought she was a rich b*tch before, then she's even worse when she's poor! She's down-right nasty to everyone. Sometimes she's unbearable to watch. Kevin thinks that Luke taking her money was a blessing in disguise since Stape's money has been nothing but trouble.

Gail has gotten up from her sit-down and tries to make sense of Joe and the boat. Gail reminds Joe that he's broke. He's also in debt to some very bad people. Who needs kneecaps when you've got a boat, right Joe? Joe informs her that he hopes to make a good profit on the boat. This turns Gail's frown upside-down and now she's buying into the fantasy. Anchors away!

Norris receives an interviewee for the shop assistant position. A rather stern lady by the name of Joan. I don't know what she's like yet, but from what I can tell she's nothing like that Sheila Wheeler, which can only be a good thing!

Finally, it's Molly's birthday and Jack and Connie come bearing a gift - it's a new pocketbook. Tyrone surprises Molly with her "real" gift - a home gym! That way, she can spend more time at home with him, and less time at the "gym." Kevin and Molly exchange troubled glances. Looks like they'll have to find another alibi for they're little motel romps. How will they ever get past Tyrone?

- Emily sees the boat and asks if someone's planning a trip. Joe answers, "yes, I am." Emily just nods in wonder, then walks away. I thought it was a little funny, as though she wasn't expecting that answer.
- The severely mascara-stained tears streaming down Rosie's face. Tears of a clown.
- Kev trying to persuade Rosie to come out of the office, but Rosie adamantly telling them she's not "going anywhere." I'll say!!!
- Kev figuring Rosie losing her money is a blessing in disguise since it's been trouble from the start. Yes!
- Gail and how quickly money changed her opinion on Joe's boat project! Haha, that Gail. As Audrey would say, "oh, I give up!"


- Stupid, vain, b*tchy Rosie. First sobbing about her stupidity and making everyone else suffer for it, then being rude to her sister who's trying to comfort her, then expecting Tony to be able to get her money back for her. How could he do that???
- Mammy Connor thinking that Ryan is more entitled to be stand-in godfather over Kirk. On what planet? That woman drives me bonkers. When is she leaving?
- Evil Tony trying to persuade Carla to let Maria have her christening in peace, since it's Liam's - the man she loved - child. He even spills some crocodile tears. Ugh!
- Tina and her uber-fake tan! I've not mentioned it before, but it's getting even worse! Is there such thing as a tanning addiction? She's a pretty girl, I don't know why she feels the need to over-bronze. Besides, she lives in England. The sun rarely shines. She's anglo-saxon. The jig is up! That goes for David and Janice too.
- Molly being ungrateful about Tyrone's sweet and thoughtful birthday gift for her, just because it interferes with her adultery. When will this affair end? Can anyone stop the madness?!

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Anonymous said...

No, no, no! It's all the madness and the silliness that I look forward to in Corrie! Except for a big NO for the Molly-Kev affair -- just about everything is wonderful so far in Corrie - thanks for the highlights and the lowlights...

yes, that Gail Platt sure is her usual wishy-washy, pushover, idiotic self when she sees potential MONEY from that junky, leaky boat - (love the photo of her - btw)

but I do generally like Gail Platt - she's not evil, ever-forgiving to the point of stupidity, etc... has she ever heard the phrase, "folds like a cheap suit"...

Tvor said...

Considering that Ryan isn't even technically a Connor in the first place, I'd say Kirk has more right! Uncle of the baby has more rights than a faux cousin!

Gail isn't usually money hungry, that seems a bit out of character but i suppose it's the blind faith she has in eveyrone that carries her. I like Gail anyway!

Nurse Florence Ganderpoke said...

Thank goodness for Sky plus, where I can whizz through the Maria/Platts/Kevin & Molly nonsense and enjoy Evil Tony, and Dozy Rosie getting her comeuppance. Corrie for me these days is about 8 minutes long! :S

Rachel said...

Tina's actually half-Turkish (or rather Michelle Keegan is) so she is naturally darker than David, Janice etc, but I do agree that she seems to have gone a bit crazy with the spray tan or tanning booth or boot polish.



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