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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ketchup and Vodka: Mon Oct 12, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Stephen Russell, directed by Stuart Davids.

It's the morning after and Lloyd wakes up to find Teresa in his bed. *Cringe* Teresa lets slip to Michelle and others in Dev's shop that she and Lloyd spent the night together when she goes and buys him breakfast. Before she can get back, Lloyd's already done the walk, er, drive of shame. Darryl rubs it in Teresa's face that she's not girlfriend material. No kidding! Later, Lloyd almost wins Liz back until she finds out about Teresa and both Lloyd and Teresa find themselves thrown out of the pub and worse for wear. Later, Lloyd tries to make it up to Liz, but she's not having it and gets rid of him once and for all. Meanwhile, Teresa goes on a bender and runs into Dev's, helps herself to the vodka on the shelf, and gets herself sacked as a result. Now she's sacked AND homeless. What's she going to do?

More trouble for Molly and Kevin as Tyrone confides in Kevin that he thinks Molly might be having an affair. Overrun with guilt, Kevin almost ends it with Molly, but the decides not to after all. Grrrreat.

Bad news for Leanne and Peter - the bank declined their request for a business loan. They decide to keep the hope alive - hope does die last - and try a few other banks. Ken realises that Peter and Leanne plan to open the bar in the old Turner's Joinery. This puts him into even more of a headspin as he thinks Peter's "suicidal plan" on their doorsteps is even worse.

Kirk has had enough of baby Liam and has decided to move out of No. 7 and carry on next to No. 9 with Tyrone and Molly. He better get his feet under the table there because Eileen's door is next and he won't be getting any hospitality there!

Maria is getting prepared for baby Liam's christening. Barry and Helen arrive and Helen is doing her best to be civil with Tony. Her best isn't good enough, trust me. Tony tells Maria that he thinks Barry and Helen are trying to get her to move to Ireland with them. Maria assures Tony that she'll never move to Ireland. Might want to re-think that decision in the future, Maria.

Finally at Underworld, Luke has been hastily calling up his lawyer's office regarding something important, very. Luke's lawyer finally gets back to him, but it's bad news it seems. Something to do with him being stitched up with no shares. Hrmm...where can this be heading?

- Teresa going out to get Lloyd breakfast, as she wants him "perky" since he's got a busy morning ahead of him. *Cringe*
- Lloyd offering Teresa a bottle of liquor as a "consolation prize" for leaving him alone after last night. Then Teresa accepting it!
- Liz accuses Teresa of being a "tragic slapper", then Theresa smashing glasses and asking who she's calling "tragic?"
- Teresa turning down Lloyd's offer of cash to help her out, because she's not a prossie - yet! Ok, any scene with Teresa!
- Kirk moving down the row of terrace houses as a temporary lodger! Lol.
- Helen not being able to quite bite her tongue around Tony. It's like Christmas has come early for him! You wonder where Michelle gets it from, eh?
- Michelle complaining about the smell in her flat about the kebab shop. Dev telling her that when you rent a flat above a kebab shop, you can expect to be smelling a "hint of shish." Lol.
- Rosie Webster telling Sean that his sewing is suffering because of his "sausage fingers." Lol.

- Darryl putting Teresa down and telling her that she's not "girlfriend" material. But he sticks up for her later, so I guess he's even!
- Dev telling Darryl that he's taking out his mother's "tab" from his paycheck. Geeze, what reason DOES Darryl have to stay on the street?
- Poor Liz getting disappointed again by a man! Is she ever going to find someone? Is Jim going to come back again? I love Jim!
- Ken and Peter at odds again. This is never going to get old, is it?

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene by scene here.

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Anonymous said...

Please add to Lowlights: middle-aged, trampy women wearing awful clothes in public:

1) Liz may have had her face nipped and tucked, but her neck and everything below betrays a matronly figure -- nothing particularly wrong with that, mind you ! --- but the stretchy black dress is absolutely brutal to anyone without a Twiggy-type figure! At least wear a nice, tailored type sweater/blazer to cover the bulges! It's called "layering", Liz - check out a few fashion tips in those fashion magazines...

2) and what exactly was Theresa wearing when she went out to get breakfast provisions for Lloyd? Lloyd's brown corduroy jacket? At least pull on some pants, woman when you go outside to transact some business! Why add to the "tramp" look??? Yuk!


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