Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Imperial Leather launches Corrie soap soap

Yet another brand has signed up to help celebrate Coronation Street's 50th birthday next year. In addition to all the Corrie toys and games that you can now buy via the official Corrie shop, Imperial Leather are launching a soap soap. Now there's something to get into an, er, lather about.

Is anyone reading this planning to buy any of this stuff when it hits the shops? I'd love to know your views. I guess most of it would make great stocking fillers from Santa.


Tvor said...

I might if it's easily available in some shops, not for myself, but for ping prizes.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big Corrie fan, but I don't know about all the merchandise...maybe if it was something I actually wanted. But as for a bar of soap I buy it because of it's quality etc and I wouldn't buy it just because it has 'Corrie' on it.

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