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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Borrowed Time: Fri Oct 23, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Chris Fewtrell (7:30) and Simon Crowther (8:30), directed by Duncan Foster.

Baby Liam's christening finally goes off, no thanks to Tony's constant interruptions to answer his phone under the ruse of "trouble at work." Does this mean the Connor's have to return to the land of Beggorah and Bejesus? Thank goodness! The day might be over for the Connor's, but not for Mr. Gordon.

Earlier, Jimmy had met Tony at the church and Tony had strong-armed him into "dealing with" (read: killing) Carla, or he'd give the police Jimmy's name to get a lighter sentence. Jimmy doesn't want to have anything to do with it, but he had to submit to save his skin. Jimmy goes to the factory to do the deal, but Carla leaves almost immediately thinking Tony was late to meet her. He follows her to the flat and waits until she falls asleep. He buzzes up and enters the flat because Carla thinks he's Tony finally there to settle the paperwork over the factory. It's only too soon before Carla realises that it's Jimmy. Tony suddenly feels guilty and changes his mind about having Jimmy kill Carla and rushes over. He interrupts them in a scuffle and distracts Jimmy giving Carla the opportunity to bonk him over the head with a candlestick, knocking him out cold. Tony lies and tells Carla that the blow had killed Jimmy and tells her that he'll take care of the mess as long as she agrees to keep silent and go on with her life and leave him alone. Carla is in a corner, since she could be an accessory to Liam's murder if she calls the police, so she agrees and leaves taking a taxi to the airport. Tony figures that since he renounced the devil earlier that afternoon, god was smiling on him. Ugh.

Joe's still working on his boat, much to Norris' chagrin. Gail tells Norris that he can stuff it and deal with the noise since she's had to deal with the sound of his paper delivery truck arriving every day at 4am for god-knows-how-long. You go girl! Norris has a lot on his plate, including interviewing, "stern" Joan. Norris thinks she's worth the hire, since the bond of paper she's had her CV printed on is good quality. That's something I'll have to remember for my next interview: heavy paper gets the worm.

Now, on our favorite subject: Molls and Kev. In the Rover's for Molly's birthday Sally notices Molly's necklace (the one Kev gave her that he bought on holiday), as does everyone else. Sally tells her that there was one identical to it she saw when they were on holiday, one Kev was too cheap to buy it for her. Molly tells everyone that she bought it as a birthday gift to herself. Later, Moll and Kev talk alone in the Rover's about the fact that it'll be harder for them to meet now that she's got that "ball and chain." Is she talking about the home gym or Tyrone himself? Maybe both. Oh, this will never end, will it?

- Roy coming by to see the boat, and to inform everyone of his upcoming trip to Transylvania (DVD plug anyone???). He doesn't want to give into the folklore of vampires, but in case it's true he's comforted by the fact that vampires only like young maidens, so he'll be in the clear. He and Hayley both, eh? Heh heh.
- At the christening, Kirk telling Audrey that at his christening the Vicar dropped him straight on his head. That explains so much.
- Carla fighting back against her assailant!!! Always put up a fight!
- Carla telling Tony to, "go to hell" and Tony responding, "maybe I will." Haha. But you just renounced the devil?
- Tony reminding Jimmy, after Jimmy disapproves of his lifestyle, that "history was written by winners." Oh, he's even got evil-guy one-liners down!

- Tony pompously answering his phone in the middle of the christening? Yes, I know it was an emergency, but it was bloody rude! I can't stand it when people do that! Argh.
- Tony's evil, evil, evil ways. Blackmailing Jimmy into killing Carla, then changing his mind, then blackmailing Carla with Jimmy's assumed "death." Oh, he's pure evil, but he's bloody great to watch!
- Carla deciding it'd be a good idea to meet Tony in the dark, empty factory. Didn't she learn her lesson after what happened to her last time she met Tony in a dark, empty factory? I thought she was supposed to be clever.
- Why did Jimmy wait for Carla to go to sleep before awakening her again to kill her? When he was waiting for her to fall asleep I was for sure we'd be in for a pillow-smothering or something.
- Joe looking like the bad guy that they killed but just wouldn't go away in that horror movie, "I Know What You Did Last Summer" in his raincoat. You know, the guy that just. wouldn't. go. away.
- Yuck. Molls and Kev again.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Walzing Matilda said...

I was surprised by the lack of people at the Christening yesterday and WHERE are Maria's parents? It wouldnt have been hard to get other actors if the previous characters were busy? And who has a meal BEFORE a Christening? Tony's constant disappearing acts were very unbeliveable and a bit silly in my opinion!!

Tvor said...

Jimmy didn't wake up Carla, she was already awake, i think she came out for a drink of water or something just as Jimmy came through the door using Tony's keys. I thought it was The best week in a long time!

Clare said...

He did wake her up, he buzzed up and pretended to be Tony.

Man i loved last night's eps. They were sooo dramatic!

Anonymous said...

I loved the second episode, everything about it was great; the fight scene, the dialogue between Tony and Carla and the little scene at the end with Tony and Maria. (she's psychic having dreams about Carla!!)

It was just all so good, best episode in ages!

Tvor said...

Ah yes i remember now. Which was odd because didn't tony give him the keys (on the same bunch as the factory keys) and the door code? (or was the code for the factory alarm?) I'm going to have to watch it again

Anonymous said...

I agree with Walzing Matilda about Maria's parents. This is their first grandchild and we haven't even heard Maria on the phone to them. You would think they would want to be there for Maria with everything she's been through.

And it's not like there's a reason
for their absence so unless they don't love Maria it's really bad continuity on Corrie's part.

Unknown said...

I agree with the sentiments towards Maria's parents. I would have rather seen them than Helen and Barry! Actually, I quite like Barry, just Helen then!

Clare said...

Tvor: Yes he gave him the code to the apartments but Jimmy couldn't remember it (remember him jabbing at the keypad for a while) obv the task ahead proving daunting.

Anonymous said...

Please, some one tell me that Carla isn't gone again! She must be lurking somewhere near by!!!!!
Thanks, David Blue,
Vancouver B.C. Canada

Anonymous said...

David Blue - I think Carla will be back again in a few more weeks.

Glenda Young said...

I must be the only one not enjoying Carla being back. The scenes with Tony were dull, as expected with no surprise and not enough facial expression. Next!

Anonymous said...

Flaming Nora - you must have been watching something different to me! lol

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice Carla's hair change from dry to wet when she was fighting off Jimmy?


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