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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Fantasists: Fri Oct 16, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Damon Rochefort (7:30) and Julie Jones (8:30), directed by Stuart Davids.

Teresa's curry is a hit at Prima Doner, thanks to Umed. Dev's not happy about the whole thing and blames it on Darryl, causing Darryl to throw down his apron and leave for Spain. Goodbye Darryl. Following in his steps is Umed after admitting to Dev that the reason he's in England is because he's hiding from gambling debts and he must go back home to Mumbai to sort out his life. Goodbye Umed. Teresa and Lloyd are getting on famously, and Teresa might not have her feet under Lloyd's table, but she's sure got them resting on top of the table! We shall see where this little "gruesome twosome" is headed.

Deirdre and Liz decide to play Thelma and Louise for the day and shove off responsibilities in favour of a boozy lunch and an unrestricted shopping spree! Sounds like my Mondays. Or Tuesdays, or Wednesdays... you get the picture. At this point, Deirdre still unemployed, will do anything to avoid being subjected to the moanings and groanings of the 1 o'clock club.

It's the anniversary of Liam's death, and Mammy Connor couldn't be more rude and overbearing. Tony is in crisis, and tells Maria he feels as though he's losing her. She assures him she's not, and they go together to Liam's grave. Maria decides to put the past behind her, then Tony surprises her by proposing to her. Yes, proposing marriage. Maria then throws a cherry on the top of that sundae and suggests he even go as far as to adopt baby Liam. Liam Gordon, has a ring to it. I'm not even going to go into all that is wrong with this picture. Trouble for the couple as Leanne gets on the wire to Carla and tells her all that's gone down and it seems as though Carla's shocked at what Leanne has to tell her. Shocked enough to return?

Speaking of Carla, it seems she's also been on the phone to Luke as well, only regarding the factory. It doesn't seem like their conversation is going to well as Luke hangs up unhappily on her. Luke's working his seemingly endless charm on Rosie with the ultimate goal of getting his hands on her dosh. He's playing her like a cheap deck of cards! Rosie is slightly suspicious of Luke's behaviour, but eats all of his lies. Luke convinces Rosie that she should transfer over the cash as soon as possible, then he'll have his solicitor write up the papers the next day. Erm, I know Rosie's not the brightest crayon in the box, but that's definitely NOT the way a purchase like this goes. Rosie wants to tell her parents about it, but Luke convinces her that it will be better for her to tell everyone at once tomorrow and rub their noses in it. Of course, this piques Rosie's interest more. Luke books himself a one-way flight to Rio, and Rosie catches him, but he tells her he's planning a surprise for her. Rosie says she loves surprises. Oh, I think that's about to change!

- Teresa telling Lloyd that she's more "what you see is what you get" whereas Liz is "overdone and buys her clothes from Tranny's R Us." I LOVE that store! Where else can you find 7 inch patent leather stilettos in a size 14?
- Umed telling Dev that he's not called the "Indian Richard Branson" for nothing. Haha.
- Liz and Deirdre's girly whirly day! I need one of those! Well, someone to come with me! lol.

- Maria assuring Tony that she loves him and that nobody is going to come between them. Oh, just you wait Mrs. Connor, just you wait. Poor thing!
- That over-bearing, over-critical Mammy Connor! I can't bloody stand the woman! As Tony would say, she needs to "take her acid tongue and her tubby hubby and go back to the land of Beggorah and Bejesus." PLEASE.
- Tony proposing to Maria and Maria accepting!!! Have these two lost their marbles? And Umed thought he was a fantasist.
- Slimy Luke manipulating vapid Rosie to steal her money. She might deserve it, but it's still very underhanded and wrong! Villainous even! I'm really not satisfied with what happened at with the character of Luke Strong. Oh well.

For those who enjoy the more scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Tracyluv said...

I am a bit confused over this Underworld shares business. I thought Tony checked with the solicitor when he was dubious of Luke and was told it was all above board. How can Carla return and take control again? Why is Paul Connor never mentioned, almost like he has been airbrushed out. Thought it a good episode though and I actually like Tony with Maria! I am really sorry Umed is going but I think I am the only one!!

Clare said...

I actually felt sorry for Maria tonight. And as a Maria-disliker that's saying alot. Tony is one sneaky little so and so. I agree with Tracyluv about the lack of mention of their other son, not so sad about Paul's passing where they?! Anyone else think the baby playing Liam is incredibly cute! I really like Teresa and Lloyd together!
ps. SO excited for Monday, Carla's back. YAYYYY

Cobblestone said...

Ironic that after six months of wishing Umed, the cartoon buffoon, back to Mumbai, I actually started to warm to him in the last couple of eps. The writers finally showed us a sincere dimention to his character as he went out of his way to help Theresa. A character is only believeable when they are multi-faceted, and that is what the writers have hitherto denied Uncle U. Theresa, on the other hand, shines BECAUSE she is so multi-faceted - in the last few eps we've seen her pugnacious, flitatious, maternal (in her own unique way) and even a rare dose of common decency in trying to fix things between Lloyd & Liz. I have to say Liz's utter lack of graciousness in response led to Theresa leaving the encounter on the moral high ground, despite her reversion to aggressive-type when her efforts were flung in her face.

As for Luke Strong ... I never liked him. What was presumably intended as charm always came over as smug. The new Liam he was not! As far as I'm concerned, his character is playing out in accordance with the way I first perceived him. Sorry, ladies, but there's something rodenty about the guy.

Glenda Young said...

I know Tony Gordon's a murdering scum bag and all that but if he did in Mammy Connor, that'd be quite nice.

Anonymous said...

I thought the scene where Maria was talking at Liam's grave was really moving. I think the Connor parents are too harsh on her, it's not like their Liam was an angel!

I like Umed as well. It was nice to see him talk about something seriously for once.

Tvor said...

I think Tony's got all caught up in the fantasy world, too. Making amends for killing Liam...he was only sorry he did it when he found out Maria was pregnant, otherwise i don't think he'd have cracked. I think he's probably wanted that home and family and wasn't going to get it from Carla. Carla was more of a posession than a genuine love. Having said that, i don't think Maria is a love either, it's more the fantasy that he loves

T Rex said...

I am the only one in the world to feel sorry for Mama Connor. It wouldnt have hurt Tony to have stayed away and the family to have spent a day at the grave with lunch after. To drink champagne on the first anniversary of her husband's death is at best tactless and at worst crass. Sure she is a bit snipey but she is an old lady who has lost two sons and has Michelle for a daughter - cut her a bit of slack!

Clare said...

I feel sorry for Mammy Connor too. As she said in tonight's eps (19th Oct) "Am i the only one who can see this is wrong?" I agree, poor Helen. Plus the things Tony has said to her was unforgivable. The poor woman, she's only grieving (although she could give Paul a bit more of a mention, or has she forgotten about him?!)


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