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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Wrong Side of 40: Wed Oct 28, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Daran Little, directed by Tony Prescott.

Might I say before I start this review, that I was caught a little bit by surprise of this extra Wednesday episode! Also, what an episode. I don't remember the last time only a one half-hour episode was so action-packed.

Trouble in paradise still as Tyrone is still grovelling to Molly about something that he didn't do, that never happened - cheating on her with Minnie. Auntie Pam is in the picture now and tells Molly that she needs to end this affair. She doesn't get very far with Molly so she goes to Kevin. She confronts Kevin about the affair and chastises him for basically being an oily old man with his hands all over Molly before she's even out of her wedding dress. She then tells him that she knows guys like him - on the wrong side of 40, stuck in a rut, etc - basically summing Kevin up. She threatens Kevin that if he doesn't stay away from Molly that she'll make his whole world come toppling down on his smug, selfish head. Wow! I'm SO loving Auntie Pam right now. Anyone else on Team Pam? Kev later accuses Molly of telling Pam on purpose because she wants to 'out' them. Molly thought that it wasn't a big deal, since they were to be together in the end anyway. Kev sets her straight and tells her it's not a game, and people will get hurt, so she needs to get real. Wow. As Sally would say, "it'll all end in tears."

Michelle's a woman-on-the-prowl fawning around inappropriately in her negligee in front of Ben, who doesn't mind one bit. He's not the only one of that opinion this episode either. The new builder comes and is climbing up a ladder to get to the roof whilst Michelle is taking a bubble bath listening to Fleetwood Mac. Should I be worried about how much Michelle and I have in common? Moving on, the builder loses control of the ladder and ends up holding onto Michelle's window for dear life. Michelle comes to his rescue and loses her towel in the process giving us - what I think might be - the most nudity I've ever seen on Corrie! Builder-boy Jake is all over Michelle and even has the gall to kiss her before he leaves telling her she knows where to find him if she wants more. He's a bit shy, no? Also, when this happened, was anyone thinking, "Bill wouldn't have slipped on the ladder." Mmm hmm.

Norris is having a terrible time with Joan a.k.a. Speak-No-Evil in the shop and has already started making up a sign advertising for the position again when Rita calls from holiday. Norris is more than delighted to hear from her. Whoever fills that position will have some mighty large shoes to fill.

Maria's getting ready for her trip to Cyprus and has Kirk over. Tony tells Kirk that he's looking forward to getting closer with his future brother-in-law. Kirk asks Tony what his policy is on hiring family. Oh, Kirk. When alone, Kirk tells Tony that he believes that Maria's recent happiness has been due to Tony, and he's thankful for it. Tony tells Kirk that he's never loved anyone more than he loves Maria. I don't believe it. Sorry, I don't. I know he cares for her, but I think Tony is in love with love, and that's all. I think his relationship with Maria is some kind of atonement, as though he's trying to 'be' Liam, instead of love her as Tony. I believe he cares for her, don't get me wrong. I just don't believe he's "in love." Later, Tony complains to Maria about having some pains. Could this be foreshadowing? Although, he always looks pained to me.

- The guilty, shamed look on Kev's face when Auntie Pam lays into him!
- Auntie Pam laying into Molly, and especially Kev! I'm the new official captain of Team Pam!
- Michelle fawning around in her negligee. She's so inappropriate, but it's so entertaining! Then she tells her son that the priorities of a normal teenage boy should be to get drunk on lager, and compete to lose their virginity. Mother of the year.
-A good looking builder just dropping through Michelle's window. It's like he came down from heaven, and it's raining men. This never happens to me.
- Norris insulting the Kabin customers in the community then gossiping about them to Joan later, explaining that they're a very tight-knit community. I like these little ironies that Little injects in his episodes.
- Norris figuring there's more sincerity in soft-centres than in nuts and pralines. I'll keep that in mind next time someone buys me chocolates.
- Norris tells Tyrone about Hayley and Roy's trip to Romania, calling it "one of those Dracula Countries." Exactly how many Dracula Countries are there?! He then reckons that Hayley just got used to being turned into a woman, she doesn't need to be turned into a vampire as well. Yes, he went there.

- Molly truly believing that her and Kevin are "in love" and they're going to be together. This will be a hard lesson learned in the subject of disappointment.
- Kev accusing Molly of telling Pam about them on purpose, then for her to "get real", aka to shut up! What a cad!

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Anonymous said...


If you are the Captain Yoork, then count me in as well.

I think Pam is the best thing on the street at the moment. What a fabulous character and so good to see this side of her.

Well done to the writers and especially Kate Anthony. Quality actress. May she remain on the street for many years to come.

More Pam please.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else think that the actor who played the builder was really poor?

I thought the whole scene was bad and the way "Lewis Hamilton' looked and commented at Michelle was awfully bad.

I am also now an even bigger Pam fan. I'll join your team.

Unknown said...

I thought Jake the builder was great! I've seen his work loads and know he's a fine actor - and easy on the eye too! I'm sure he'll only get better and better. IMO - one of the best actors out there! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Yoork, why don't we ever see Kate Anthony (Aunty Pam) on chat shows like breakfast TV, Loose Women and Paul O'Grady etc etc.

I bet she would be great on them. Maybe 'Team Pam' can start something off with this?

Anonymous said...


Hello Yoork, I agree with your comments about Team Pam. She really is very good.

Did you know that there is already a group on Facebook called: Aunty Pam of Coronation Street is a legend!

I'll join Team Pam with pleasure.

Llifon said...

I thought it was a lovely scene when Norris was on the phone with Rita, it showed he missed her and the relationship they have.

Square Eyes said...

TEAM PAM! ive always been really :)
That builder was soooo cringey glad hes not around for long definately not an episode highlight!(Michelle is stupid shes got a new man every week good example for her son) Kirk's scene with Tony that was a highlight!

Walzing Matilda said...

How great was Pam yesterday giving ferrety Kevin what for over his affair with "her Molly". I thoroughly enjoyed his discomfort! Pam is great when she goes for it with all guns glazing, she saw off Tyrone's dreadful mother as well! I thought the Michelle/Builder scenes were just embarrasing and quite contrived, why didnt he knock on the door first rather than swinging from the roof. Joan resembles a standing corpse more and more. Didnt like the nasty comments Rita was supposed to have made "over the phone" about Hailey and it didnt ring true that she would make them.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying Corrie this week I thought last night when Michelle was in the flat waiting for the builder to arrive she said something about Dev and it sounded like she swore, please watch again and tell me what you think

Tvor said...

Sounded like Michelle say "It's typical, trust Dev to 'ire a flippin cowboy"

Clare said...


Anonymous said...

Cyprus the Country. Cypress the Tree.

Anonymous said...

ENOUGH with all the constant Tony bashing. What do you want, less Tony and more, say, Molly? Or Kevin? Or Michelle? Or more antics from whomever is fancying Norris? SNORE..............

Square Eyes said...

Tony gordon is awesome!

Clare said...

Tony Gordon really is awesome, i agree. He does need his comeuppance though, he did take away the finest specimen ever to grace the cobbles.

Anonymous said...

Liam wanted to leave. Boo hoo. ;)

Tony Gordon is more man, more intense, and he knows what he was. Liam was over-rated milquetoast.

Anonymous said...

Knows what he WANTS. :)


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