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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ripped Off: Mon Oct 19, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by John Kerr (7:30) and Jonathan Harvey (8:30), directed by Duncan Foster.

Barry and Helen have decided to finally check into a hotel in their frustration with Maria and Tony. Helen continues to berate the two of them over getting engaged on the anniversary of her Liam's death. Maria tries again to apologise to Helen and Helen admits that she's just so angry over losing her Liam that she lashes out to whomever is closest. Helen tries to be more accepting of their relationship, and is delighted when Maria has decided to dress baby Liam in her old christening gown.

Meanwhile, all is not well for Tony as he receives a threatening phone call from an anonymous caller. He meets the caller at the cemetery, and turns out it's Carla. After a lot of words passed between the two, Carla informs Tony that he'd better sell her his shares at Underworld, then walk away from Maria, baby Liam and Weatherfield for good, or she'll tell. Will he do it?

Joe's been complaining to Gail about the meagre wages he makes working with Bill. Later, at the builder's yard it seems that Auntie Pam has been "collecting" on outstanding accounts for Bill and has accepted an old boat for payment from one of them. Bill isn't happy about this, but Joe is. Joe loves the boat and all to eagerly takes it off his hands thinking that Gail will love it as he does. He's very wrong about this, and it causes Gail to: "Sit down. Sometimes you just need to sit down." Well, stay seated Gail!

At the factory, Rosie is in la-la-land dreaming of her reign over the factory girls once her "news" is announced. She's even gone as far as to think of a new name for the factory - "English Rosie's Quality Underwear." It's got a nice ring to it. Her happiness doesn't last for long as Luke has subsequently packed up his entire life in the matter of one morning, and drives off the street, and out of our lives forever. To Rio, presumably. He leaves Rosie with a note telling her what's happened. After Rosie panics and frantically tries to call her bank to stop the transfer, it's too later, it's gone through. Rosie tells her mum, who's even more frantic than Rosie. Rosie admits to Sally: "I've been ripped off."

In more boring news, it's Molly's birthday, and Tyrone has spoiled her with a box of soft-centres and an unoriginal poem. But it's all good, since he's saved the real surprise for later. Oh boy, I bet she can't WAIT to find out what that is!

- Sean pointing out a shirt that he likes and Julie thinks it's fantastic but can't find the right word. Blanche helps her out and says that the word she's looking for is "gay."
- Sean asks Rosie what she thinks of the shirt for him and she asks if he's taking up ice-skating. Haha, she can be funny sometimes!
- Audrey asking Joe how hard it is to drive in a straight-jacket since he must be out of his mind getting that old boat and bringing it to Gail's! Haha.
- Tony Gordon scantly-clad (okay, a vest) and ironing again!
- Maria extending the olive branch to Helen and dressing baby Liam in her gown after Helen has relented over her and Tony. Maria's so sweet. Too bad she's with a murderer.
- Blanche's friendly birthday visit to Emily. Haha, she's so tongue-in-cheek.
- Rosie realising she's lost her money and telling her mother that she feels like a mug. Rosie's eating a lot more than a slice of humble pie this time! Will it change our Rosie? Hrmm, probably not!

- Helen coming down the stairs and first thing in the morning berating Maria and Tony for getting engaged on the anniversary of her Liam's death - right at his grave. I get that she's bereft, but she needs professional help, not to keep berating people! Miserable old woman!
- The whole Tony and Carla confrontation. It was good, but it was very, very bad. I fear for Carla now! And if you knew that someone were a murderer, would you meet them in an empty cemetery to threaten them?! Not me!
- Joe buying that old boat and bringing it to Gail's! The man is a fantasist! He's completely lost all his marbles! Plus, since when was he allowed back in the medical centre? Haha.
- That cad Luke for stealing money and just driving off!

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the entire review scene-by-scene here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Really good episode!

The Tony and Carla scenes were good, as expected. The only thing that bugged me was that Carla seemed too happy to be back IMO. It was probably sarcastic, but she did seem to be smiling and making light of things a bit more than I expected.

I also liked the Maria and Helen scenes too. After Maria finds out the truth, leaves the Street and comes back, I can imagine that her and the Connor parents will be very close.


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