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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, October 12 2009

Before I start, I’d like to give a gazillion thanks to the merry band of guest updaters for the last few weeks of Corrie updates. Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding and raise your glasses to John Dean, Richard Whitbread and for stepping up the mantel in such a magnificent way at very short notice, Karen Jankel. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

It’s all lies, lies, lies when Kevin and Molly return from their pretend GlasGay fun run when they’d really been chasing each other around a bedroom in Chester. Sophie’s surprised she can’t find a picture of Kevin on the GlasGay website although Sally thinks she can see Kevin’s knees behind a couple of fellas dressed as hairy tomatoes. Or at least, she thinks they’re hairy tomatoes, you can never be too sure on a GlasGay fun run. Kevin fibs and says his pic’s not on the website as he didn’t finish the race and lies to both his missus and his daughter. I can’t watch this storyline any more and have to hide behind a cushion with my fingers in my ears every time Molly tries to lure Kevin with her “come here and get your meat pie” eyes. It’s like Kevin Webster’s a family member to me, he’s been popping into my living room at least three times a week for the past umpteen years and then he does… this? Well, he’ll not be getting one of me Tunnocks, that’s for sure.

Over in the Kabin, Norris sacks Sheila Wheeler after she won’t stop talking and gives him constant ear-ache. Knees apart, I thought Sheila Wheeler did a good job.

In the Rovers there’s a party for Ken Barlow’s 70th and some birthday of Emily’s but as she’s a lady of a certain age we won’t reveal that she’s 105. As they settle down for a round of cosy drinks, in comes Peter with some news to blow Ken’s British Home Stores socks off. He’s going to buy Turner’s Joinery on Viaduct Street and turn it into a trendy bar with Leanne. Blanche, as usual, has the right thing to say about this: “What? An alcoholic opening a bar with an arsonist? When was that a good idea?” Oh, come on Blanche, you’re forgetting Leanne’s got other skills, she could open a knocking shop in the back room.

Tony and Maria play happy families this week after they return from a Parisian break. Mammy and Daddy Connor fly in from Ireland for baby Liam’s christening and so Kirk packs up and moves out, all the way next door and back in with Fiz and Ches. I feel sorry for Kirk, he's got chilblains, you know.

And finally, there’s trouble for Lloyd when he gets drunk on tequila and ends up in bed with Teresa. Tequila, eh? I drank a lot of it one night, many years ago, and ended up hallucinating that my bedroom walls were melting. And not in a good way. Anyway, Lloyd’s feeling pretty bad about doing the dirty with Teresa especially when things are looking good for him to get back with Liz. She of course finds out about his fling with Ma Morton and flings Lloyd out of the pub after Teresa punches him in the face and he ends up with a bloodied face and a packet of Kleenex stuck up his nose.

And that’s just about that for this week. It’s great to be back.

Coronation Street writers this week were the powerhouse that is David Lane, Peter Whalley, Joe Turner and Stephen Russell.
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Glenda Young
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Unknown said...

I can't stand Molly's "come hither" look either! Barf!

I think Emily was turning 80, and Kirk was moving in with Tyrone and Molly.

I LOVE tequila! But then, I never woke up to Theresa!

Billy Niblick said...

Can your bedroom walls ever actually melt in a good way?

Sunny Jim said...

"... so Kirk moves out, all the way next door and back in with Fiz and Ches."

You were probably hiding behind a cushion at the time. First he moved from Fiz's (no. 5) to Maria's (no. 7) and then from Maria's to Tyrone's (no. 9). He's only got Eileen's, Ashley's & Daryll's to go now and he'll be off the street forever.

Great to have you back and many thanks to your understudies for filling in.

Walzing Matilda said...

Sorry to Kirk lovers out there but I am finding this character more and more pointless.

Glenda Young said...

In my defence, Sunny Jim, I'm not well you know :)

Anonymous said...

Come here and get your meat pie eyes.


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