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Monday, 12 October 2009

Hairy Tomatos: Fri Oct 9 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Peter Whalley (7:30) and Joe Turner (8:30), directed by Pip Short.

Molly and Kevin finally get back from the "Glasgay 10k" to a delighted Sally and Tyrone. All is well, only until Sally asks for the hotel bill so that she can call the train station to get compensation since the train was "canceled" and all. Kevin quickly dodges that obstacle, but it's onto another, since Sophie went online and asked why she couldn't find her dad's picture or finish place along with the other participants. Seems that the Glasgay 10k had taken photos of each of the finishers and their places. He gets out of this one with quick thinking too. He lies to Sally later that he never finished the race due to pure exhaustion, and that Molly stayed behind with him. Sally buys this and later tells Molly that she's "in" on their little secret and that husbands and wives shouldn't keep secrets from each other. It'll only end in tears. Isn't that what I said?

The wheels in Peter's head have been turning and he has decided to look into who owns Turner's Joinery. He has decided that it would be the perfect location for he and Leanne to open a posh hotel bar in which Leanne will run and he will profit from. He will be putting him the bookie's as collateral. Oh, boy. They didn't want to tell anyone about their plan, since it's early days yet, but he had Bill check if the place was sound first, and Bill told Ken to give him his best. So Ken gets curious and asks Peter and Leanne what is going on. Well, they tell their family what the plan is and no one is happy about it. As Blanche would say, "An alcoholic, and an arsonist opening a bar? Sounds like the beginning of a joke!" Indeed.

It's Ken's 70's and Emily's 80's birthday in the Rover's, although Ken's the only one with a cake to acknowledge that fact. Liz starts bringing up her feelings for Lloyd again to Deirdre and complaining about their age difference. Liz says she doesn't know what she wants. Well, she better figure it out soon because Theresa's taken a shine to Lloyd ever since he let her sleep in his cab the night before and bought her a breakfast sandwich. Later, Lloyd asks Liz to dance and they kiss then Liz yells at him about being immature (hypocrite!) causing Lloyd to drown his sorrows. Half-in, Lloyd and Theresa leave to go back to his place and down a bottle of tequila. Blame it on the alcohol, but things got a little intimate back at Lloyd's and let's just say we all know what happened when the curtains closed. Ugh. Lloyd certainly changed his opinion on Theresa, but then a bottle of tequila and some rejection can do that to you. This will only get ugly!

At the Kabin, Norris has finally had enough of Sheila Wheeler, along with the rest of us, and gives her the sack! It looks like she's done Norry-Love's head in finally. Don't we all have a Sheila Wheeler in our life? Only sacking them probably isn't an option? When Norris finally sacked Sheila, she was for once, at a loss of words. Silence is golden.

Tony and Maria arrive back from their holiday to a comfortable Kirk on the sofa. Ah, reality, how soon you set in after a holiday. I'm sure Kirk is the brother-in-law of Tony's dreams. Maria starts making plans for baby Liam's christening. Tony wants Helen and Barry to stay in a posh hotel on his account, but Maria insists they stay with them. Oh, joy. Tony suggest that they go for a nice dinner on the eve before the christening, the 16th of October. He later realizes that that is the date of Liam's death. (side note: Wasn't Liam killed on the 17th of October???) Leanne sees Maria and Tony in the bar and quickly puts two and two together that they are a couple and makes snobby note of it. Is this foreshadowing the return-of-Carla? Can't wait!


- Peter wanting to open a bar for Leanne, just to make her happy and the smile on Leanne's face when she found out. How can you not fall in love with the guy?
- Norris finally giving Sheila Wheeler the sack! I couldn't stand her, and apparently Norry-Love agreed.


- Sally and Rosie making fun of Molly Dobbs and how sorry they feel for Kevin having to stay an extra night with only her for company. Rosie noting that she'd go mad having to spend an evening with Molly Dobbs since she's such a stupid little twerp. Imagine!?
- Molly calling Tyrone "pathetic" because he missed her when she was gone. Honestly! What a witch!
- Molly and Kevin and their ever-growing web of lies.
- Ken and co. not liking the fact that Peter's opening a bar and not giving them any support or alternatives, only condemning their ideas. If you're going to put an idea down, suggest an alternative at least.
- Liz being a spoiled little queen when dealing with Lloyd. Either choose him, or don't.
- Lloyd and Theresa. Enough said! *shudder*
- Leanne giving Tony and Maria "the accusing eye." What's it to her? Are her and Carla really close friends?

Unfortunately, no scenic route this episode since What Would Blanche Say is experiencing technical errors!


Tvor said...

It was the 17th but this year that's on a Saturday.

Unknown said...

of course!


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