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Friday, 30 October 2009

Man With Ladder: Thu Oct 29, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by John Kerr.

Rosie's still suffering from stupidity-related-depression, after she's realised that her money won't get recovered. She begs Tony to help her track down Luke, but all Tony can do is offer her the PA job back. Rosie refuses out of spite then Tony offers the the job to Sally instead. Sally is mystified at the offer, but takes him up on it. This just angers Rosie even more, since Sally should be caring about her feelings, not a job! That Rosie!

Molly hasn't been able to talk to Kev all day and is clearly frustrated. When stocking the shelves at Dev's, she drops a bottle of Ketchup and it shatters on the floor making an ugly mess. Pam walks in and surveys the spill and says: "If that's blood - I hope it's Kevin's." Zing! Oh, there will be blood, my dear. Molly remarks that Pam's lucky it's not her blood for going off on Kevin the way she did the other day. Pam asks her exactly when she's planning on telling Tyrone about her affair but Molly tells her to back off her affairs. Literally. Later, Kev comes into Dev's and tells Molly they have to talk. I'll give you three guesses for what he's going to say, and the first two don't count.

Hayley and Roy are back from their trip in Romania, and the trip has spurned Roy's interest in bat conservation once again. He tells Pam all about the council meeting, to which she says sounds fascinating. He invites her to join them, but she declines saying she was only being polite. Haha, I loved the awkward silence after wards. Team Pam is alive and well!

Michelle's in a fit over Jake the builder, especially when she sees him peering into her window again. She's had enough and has decided to make it a police matter. The police arrive and she tells them that Jake has forced himself on her, and has been harassing her. Jake admits to the police that he kissed her, because he couldn't help himself. The police want Michelle to boil it down to an unfortunate misunderstanding, and Michelle reluctantly agrees. However, the second she does, Jake lurches forward for another kiss, prompting him to be taken away by the police after all! He just doesn't learn. Michelle later complains about him, but it's clear she's enjoying the attention.

Ashley has FINALLY gone for his vasectomy. It's about time. How long did we have to follow this storyline involving Ashley's genitalia? And to think that they were considering pushing the envelope with a storyline regarding menopause. Honestly!

Maria's set off for Cyprus, but can't be without Tony for what seems like even a minute. The second she gets to Cyprus she trots down to the local cyber-cafe and gets on web-cam with Tony. Can nothing keep these two apart? We'll soon see about that. Tony has taken a shine to Ozzy and took him to work with him so that Ozzy wouldn't be alone when the fireworks went off. Only, when Tony leaves Underworld at night with Ozzy, he gets some chest pains and a dizzy spell, then collapses next to the Kabin, just managing to squeak out "Maarrriiiaa" from his tightened larynx. Will anyone be able to help him?

- When Jake the builder is amazed that Ryan is Michelle's son and figures he must be adopted or something. Err...something like that actually.
- Tony taking Ozzy to work to comfort him from the fireworks. I'm not a Tony fan, but that's enough to melt this cold, cold heart.
- How Sally usurps Rosie's old PA position without a second thought! Go Sally! Rosie didn't deserve first refusal.
- Pam asking if the "blood" (ketchup) on the floor was Kevin's. Zing!
- Michelle tells Ryan and Ben about her "encounter" with Jake the other day and Ryan remarks that it sounds like a dodgy porno! I couldn't have said it better myself! That's exactly what it was like.
- Graeme's "advice" to Michelle that she's a "red-hot mama with a body that just won't quit."

- Rosie rattling on about how she got a 3 grand handbag stolen in a club! How irresponsible can she get?
- Kelly eating the last chocolate cookie out of Julie's grasp yelling "sucker" with her mouth full of the crumbs. Wow, I never thought the factory girls were mature before, but when did they turn into primary school children?
- Michelle pretending not to like Jake's advances. Who does she think she's kidding? Herself only.
- Ashley and Claire's boring vasectomy storyline. If he didn't get that snip by this episode, I was going to go down there and do it myself goddamnit. Not really, but you know.

For those who enjoy a more scenic route, check out the full scene-by-scene review here.


Anonymous said...

I thought the Michelle/Jake thing was so unrealistic. As if a young builder would risk his job/reputation by 'harrassing' Michelle. And the police wouldn't come to the aid of an attention seeking drama queen so quickly. In fact, they probably wouldn't come at all! Although, I wish the police could've taken Michelle away...she's so annoying.

Unknown said...

where's your sense of romance and love!?! omg - i loved it! i wish someone would sweep me off my feet like that! i love this story - brightens up the dreary autumn nights - and also i'm a little bored of tony/liam - drag it out or what!
box a chocs - tv corrie and a lovely romance - perfect - ta very much corrie writers for jake and michelle story - long may it continue

Anonymous said...

It's the TV soaps so all the unlikely/unrealistic stuff that happens is OK by me as long as it's not boring -- like Kev/Moll and Ashley's "procedure".

And I totally agree -- that flight over to Cyprus by Maria is just about the fastest I've ever seen...she didn't take a plane, she took the Star Trek transporter ...The writers want maximum screen time I guess before this actress goes off on her leave...

Anonymous said...

Jake the builder has to be the worst actor I have seen on TV for many years. He isn't believable as a builder and his scenes with Michelle are awful - a cheap opportunity to see a pretty actress with nothing on or dressed up all sexy or a glance at a crazy pair of fake boobs stacked up to look even bigger.

Corrie - you have better things to write, but get the Jake kid off the screen ASAP.

Ena's hairnet said...

I will put this comment on the latest episode review when it is opened but I thought the restaurant scenes with Michelle and the builder had to be one of the most boring in the history of Corrie. I am fed up with this vain and rather tarty woman, the story was pointless and the builder was unbelievable. Oh well at least I could go and make a cuppa while it was on. I am fed up with seeing Kym Marsh flaunting her new chest at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know the actress got implant surgery ...geez do all the girls serving behind the Rovers bar HAVE to wear low-cut clothes? Maybe they should rename Rovers Return into Hooters Return... or the Roving's a neighborhood bar...a public house for girls and guys not a cowboy saloon of the ol' West!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice Dev's voice go up an octave this week? think he was standing by the bar?


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