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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, October 19 09

Come in, sit down, put your feet up and take the weight off your face. All settled? Got your tea and your biscuit?

Then without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Maria and Tony are celebrating hatches, matches and dispatches this week. Hatches because it’s Baby Liam’s christening; Matches because Tony asks Maria to marry him (and the lady with the dim brain, she say YES!); and Dispatches because Tony’s now figuring out a way to get Carla out of his life and it’s a way that’ll start with MUR and end in DER. Yes, Carla is back, turning up at Liam’s graveside for a cosy chat with Tony. She tells him she knows all about Maria and baby Liam and warns him to leave Maria and Manchester or she’ll reveal all. Exciting as it is to have the dark lady back, I did wonder why she just didn’t go to the cops. I mean, you know, you would. Far greater revenge from Carla to exact on Tony would be to hole him up in a deserted house with just Mammy Connor for company, driving him slowly insane. Now that’s a spin-off DVD if ever there was one.

More exciting news this week is that Luke Strong has done a runner with £90k of Rosie Webster’s cash. She thinks she’s giving Luke the money in exchange for his share of Underworld, which would in theory make her the boss. She doodles with the idea of changing the factory name to ‘English Rosie’s Quality Underwear’ although a better name, surely, would have been ‘Dozy-Rosie Pants’. When she finds out that Luke’s left, cleared out his flat and her bank account, she sobs to Sally. “How much did you give him?” a stunned Sally asks. “Ninety,” sobs Rosie. “Ninety pounds?” asks Sally, wondering why Rosie’s so upset until the full shock hits her and she goes home, too shocked to even bicker with Kev.

Speaking of Kev, he’s still having his fling with Molly and it’s just as nasty as it was last week and as bad as it’ll be next.

Speaking of someone who rhymes with Kev, Dev’s having problems with Uncle Umed in the shop. Umed lets Teresa sleep in the back room of the shop when she’s destitute after Darryl leaves the Street for Spain. Why Teresa, a woman of many talents, couldn’t have just broken into her old house was lost on me, but she ended up on Lloyd’s sofa instead. Lloyd locked himself in his bedroom, just in case. She does however get her hands on her man when she massages Lloyd, telling him she’s got healing hands: “I once cured a lame donkey on Blackpool beach in 1973”.

Across the street, Joe and Gail’s relationship hits a rocky patch when Joe buys a boat and moors it on Gail’s drive. The boat comes to the Street via Aunty Pam after she chases up someone who owes money to Bill. She doesn’t get the money but gets the boat instead. Gail’s a bit stunned when she sees what Joe’s gone and done. “Sometimes, just sometimes…” she tells Audrey, in disbelief, “you just have to sit down.”

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where to get the grey dress that Rosie wore in Monday 19th episodes??

Clare said...

^^Oooh i'd like to know too!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know the song that was playing in the background of the restaurant with Michelle and Jake on Friday the 30th October 2009?


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