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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Carla's back and I'm loving it already!

Yay! Vampira's back! She's been languishing in L.A. for a few months but when Leanne told her about Tony and Maria, that was enough of that. She winged her way back to Old Blighty and ripped Tony a new one right beside the grave of the man he killed. She was the one reeling a bit when he told her they were going to get married but not out of jealousy, but of shock. Sick, she called it. (It is!) She's backing Tones into a corner and forcing him to hand over Underworld and leave town or she'll tell all.

Why didn't she do that before? I think because she was just too overwhelmed by the fact that her husband murdered the love of her life but she's had time and distance to get her head on straight and she's out loaded for a bear called Tony! Monday night's scenes with Tony and Carla were electric! The chemistry just crackled between them. Watching her standing on high (moral) ground over him when she first appeared just raised the hair on the back of my neck. She charged down and stalked around him on those kick-ass boots of hers, confident and holding all of the cards.

The rest of the Monday double episode was really good, too. Helen finally backed down and resolved to accept Tony and even mentioned Paul! I was beginning to wonder if she'd forgotten she'd lost both her sons. I feel for the woman, I really do. Maria can only see that she's got to get on with her own life but it's different for the woman that lost two of her children. Maria can't seem to relate and Tony doesn't really care because, you know, he killed one of those children! And Luke buggered off with all of Rosie's money leaving the wibbling one with her bank account the only flat thing she owns. Sally's suggestion that Rosie gave Luke 90 quid for the majority share of the business was supremely stupid, though, but we'll just put that down to shock, shall we? 10 million viewers all stood up and cheered at the same time when Rosie grew a handle on the side of her head! Wait until Stape finds out what she's done with his granny's dosh!

(edited) Oh and I meant to mention.... No wonder Gail needed to have a sit down when Joe brought home that piece of bilge, er... boat. She probably remembers the last time there was a boat on the Street living in someone's garden. It ended up in flames by the canal as Des Barnes watched it and his marraige go up in flames!

Tony's not going to take Carla's threats sitting down. I can't wait until Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Get rid of that annoying criminal slut Leanne and leave Tony Gordon alone.

He MAKES Coronation Street.

Walzing Matilda said...

ooops everyone is going to hate me but I thought Carla was very "android" like in the graveyard, no expression at all, dont know if it's down to Botox. And what "proof" is there that Townay killed Liam, didnt the police say there was no case to answer when Maria was calling him a murderer? On what grounds would the rather dopey Weatherfield soap police open up a year old case against to all intents and purposes a very plausible local businessman?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Walzing Matilda about her expressions and the lack of proof. It does make her threats seem quite empty.

Clare said...

I thought it was fantastic. About you guys saying she was 'android' maybe she wasn't trying to give too much away to Tony. As we all know he's extremely manipulative and would have jumped on the first sign of weakness. I am loving Carla's return!!! (:

Tvor said...

Carla's always had that void expression lol Tony admitted it to her, she's got Jed Stone's word that Tony tried to kill him, and did she not talk to Tony's mate Jimmy as well? Anyway she knows Jimmy was involved somehow so the cops could go in that direction. Jimmy probably didn't admit it but she put it all together, knew that Tony knew about her affair with Liam (more than just the one night stand) and threw it at Tony and Tony admitted it. There might not be hard proof but there's a lot of damning circumstantial evidence to start things off.

Anonymous said...

circumstantial evidence wouldn't staand up in court and even if the police did investigate they wouldn't find anything. Carlas threats are empty and at least by friday shes gone!!!

Waltzing Matilda I'm with you on this one!!!!!!

Glenda Young said...

I agree also with Waltzing Matilda, Carla's so bland. Still, her return signals the end of Tony Gordon thus bringing sanity to the Street.


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