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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Silence is Golden: Mon Oct 26, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Peter Whalley (7.30pm) and Stephen Russell (8.30pm)

Michelle notices water damage on the ceiling of her kebab shop flat and tells Dev to sort it. Michelle ends up having Bill Webster come by to do an estimate. Bill gives his estimate to Dev, and Dev thinks the estimate is cheeky, so finds someone else who can do it faster and cheaper, insulting Bill. There's one customer that won't be returning to Dev's shop. To add to it, Michelle agrees to have Ben stay with her and Ryan temporarily since Ben's parents have gone to care for a sick grandparent and he needs a place to stay. We know how this will turn out.

Barry and Helen are finally off, but not without extending a Christmas invite to Tony and Maria. Maria tells them that she's already promised the next trip to her parents in Cyprus. Maria tells Tony that they need to talk to Carla, since they are engaged, and Carla and he are still married. Tony tells her to leave it to him, but Maria asks Leanne for Carla's number anyway. Tony finds out about this from Leanne (typical), and begs Maria not to call Carla. He also buys Maria a huge engagement rock and some plane tickets to Cyprus to get her mind off Carla. Maria's going ahead, and Tony will meet her there later. What's he planning now?

Norris is having a tough go with new shop assistant Joan. He's doing his best to get her to strike up some small talk but Joan is insistent on her mother's sage advice, "only speak when you have something worth saying." Norris goes deaf from the silence and later complains to Audrey and Emily that Joan is, "utterly and totally" silent. You'd think after Sheila Wheeler, silence would be golden!

Molly and Kev devise new lies so that they can meet up together. Molly has told everyone that her father has the flu, and therefore needs time to see him. Molly and Kev are off on their rendezvous and when they return, Pam sees them snogging in the truck. Pam later tells Molly that she's called Diggory, and he's not sick. She soon tells Molly that she saw her and Kevin kissing in his truck, and she knows what she saw. Molly tells her that she's not having an affair - her and Kevin are in love. Pam tells her that she needs to tell Tyrone about it, or break it off. Troubles, troubles.

Meanwhile, Minnie has been overtly flirting with Tyrone when asking him to get her car fixed. Is she only pouring on the charm for a discount, or does she have a thing for our Tyrone? Molly better watch out, she could lose a good thing.

- Michelle being thankful she only rents the flat when she sees the water damage. Has she ever owned a place? Haha.
- Barry and Helen are gone! Drinks all round!
- Joan driving Norris mad with her silence. I thought these were funny scenes. Someone like Norris is never satisfied.
- Minnie drives a Mini. Cheesy, but cute. I want a Mini!
- Seeing Tyrone smile for a while when Minnie was flirting with him. I'm sure he's just starved for attention he didn't care that she was doing it for a discount. Actually, he was probably unawares.
- Pam coming straight out to Molly about what she saw, and what she thinks she should do. You go girl!

- Dev refusing Bill's estimate. He at least could have haggled with him if he thought it was unfair. Way to drive away local business - make enemies of local businessmen!
- Helen reckoning that Cyprus would be too hot for a baby. Maria has to remind her that there are babies in Cyprus. And have been for many, many, many years. That woman!
- Weasly Leanne getting in the middle of Tony and Maria's affairs concerning Carla. It's none of her business!
- Tony interrupting Maria at the salon for another one of his "emergencies." He's so bloody pompous and self-centered it drives me mad. He acts as though he owns Weatherfield, just play and pause as he pleases.
- Slimy little Molly and all her lies.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full episode review scene by scene here.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's Coronation Street - people getting into other people's business. Gossip on this street travels faster than a speeding bullet or even the cell phone! You have to dial with a phone -- even if it's speed dialing, but if you're eavesdropping at the pub in the next booth or catch two in a illicit affair -- voila! In no time at all you got street intelligence at the speed of light or at least sound!

Tyrone should hook up with Minnie! She's a fun, flirtatious girl who wants to get married and just wants to have fun and chew gum...and Tyrone just wants a beautiful wife, some kids, and have some fun...

Anonymous said...

Pam - the hero of the night. Great performance and she will save the country by sorting this crazy affair out.

Also - never noticed it before, can't think why, but how beautiful is Minnie?

Anonymous said...

I really like Minnie, she's quirky and likeable. It's a shame that she is on screen so infrequently, I'm not really sure where they are going with her character...

Lol at Helen being so interferring! She is annoying but quite realistic I guess. And 'Cypress' isn't even that hot in winter!

Walzing Matilda said...

How rude was Molly to poor Minnie. We need to see more of upbeat characters like Minnie in her Mini! I hate they way Molly and Kevin give themselves those little self congratulatory smiles all the time - arrrgghhh


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